Faux Fur Friday 2019 is on Thursday, December 5, 2019: How was your thanksgiving and blackfriday?


Thursday, December 5, 2019 is Faux Fur Friday 2019. Stuff She Likes: FASHION FRIDAY..Crop tops and Faux Fur Crop tops and Faux Fur

How was your thanksgiving and blackfriday?

Thanksgiving was so fun =). I saw family that I haven't seen in years and my aunt cooked AMAZING FOOD (I'm craving the stuffing right now). Also I saw her cute dog haha.

Black Friday wasn't good. I really didn't find many sales but I ended up getting a faux fur vest from Lord & Taylor and this fancy hot chocolate mix lol.

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Durmstrang uniform for girls?

Durmstrang uniform for girls?

gray, fur (please don't get real fur faux fur, please!!!) um brown, a coat maybe and some gray jeans (NOT SKINNY JEANS!!!) and you can't forget that you shouldn't shave (unless if u don't have hair then u cant shave so whatever.)to become one. I love HARRY POTTER:DDDD

How to make a fluffy cat tail?

How to make a fluffy cat tail?

Don't know where you live but check fabric stores for faux fur the long strands.

Also on this date Thursday, December 5, 2019...