World Party Day 2024 is on Wednesday, April 3, 2024: A Round the World Party?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 is World Party Day 2024.

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World Party Day

World Party Day is dependant on the concept that peace isn't the complete opposite of war, basically its absence. The actual complete opposite of war is party, and World Party Day aims to synchronise an enormous, world-wide party to celebrate everything that’s good and positive. Vanna Bonta probably had no clue when she authored Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel the idea within the book of the global human celebration would actually remove. It's though, and individuals celebrate in most types of ways. “Pass the meals and switch in the music” is a very common slogan on World Party Day, however it doesn’t really matter the way you celebrate, or perhaps regardless of whether you celebrate alone or perhaps in company. The idea is the fact that everybody on the planet is became a member of in party, so that you can do anything as lengthy because it involves honoring the pleasure of existence.

A Round the World Party?

Mardi Gras in Orleans, Dias de Los Muertos -Day of the Dead in Mexico, Boston Folk Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Carnival of Venice, Potomic Celtic Festival, Scottish Highlands Walking Festival, spamarama festival, Stone Soup Festival, sundance Film Festival, Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival, coney Island Mermaid Parade, China's Harbin Ice and Snow Ice Sculpture Festival, Brazil Rio De Jinero Carnival, USA Red Neck Games, Scotland Hogmanay, Iditarod Dog sled race, Boston and Ireland St. Patty's Day parade, Canada's Tulip Festival, Scotland Highland Games, Anne Rice's Halloween Ball, Macy's T'giving parade, Sydney Australia for New Year's Eve Fireworks. Whew!

Who Wants Alternative Parties With Equal Say In The Voting Process?

Who Wants Alternative Parties With Equal Say In The Voting Process?

You want a party neither a democrat nor a republican. Same as here in the Philippines I like a candidate that does not belong to the opposition nor to the administration. In other words if the two party system are cheating each other is worst in the multi-party system. The party you want and I want is a party for new candidate/ or non traditional politician meaning no win nor loss in the political position aspired, which can be Neutral in a three Party system. but, operating in a Non-Partisan System to gain credibility and a Unified cooperation from the People. The Non-Partisan sytem will be a less expensive political exercise, because 1) The three official candidates will be joining each other in every place to campaign needing only one driver and means of transportation to use, 2. The election poster shall bear equal size of their name or letter to identify them, 3. The non-partisn system shall soley and easily be administered by the non-political department of the government known as the judicial branch headed by the supreme court. if ever there is another agency to adminster it it should be under the supervision and control by the Supreme Court. Being economical the candidates and the parties shall be prohibited from accepting donation from anybody. In the Philippines the allowed expenses for every candidate is P5 per voter, means that for a 30 million voters a candidate for senator can spend legally of about P150,000,000.00 pesos considering that the salary for 6 years is even less than P12,000,000. the winner is very much greetful from friends (mostly Public works contractor) who contribute much to the campaign funds. 4. the manner of voting by the use of computer shall design a sytem of voting at the same time counting so that after the election the winner is already known by the people.

To existing of the check and balance shall be determined after the election results by determing the majority if they are reelectionest then the Adminstration is the ruling incumbent winners, if the winner majority are new winner or non re-electionest then the adminstration are run by the rulling challenger. therefore, the minority can either be the incumbent or the administration candidates or the challenger known as the new breed of politician. The traditional polititians have the monpoly off serving the government here we can conclude that the love and duty to serve ones' country shall depend upon the citizens where government authority emanates. The three candidates system can be chosen by the highest nomination in a pre-election convention by the electoral college comprising of at least 3% in every electoral precincts who are intellegent and with good moral character. the three candidate rule for every political position is still within the democratic principle on the rule of the majority as the one- third which is 33 and 1/3% is within the majority of the quorum ringing from 25% + 1 up to 50% +1 compared to a majority votes coming from the minority of the people that wins the election but the truth to it the one who boycott the election are the majority due to the process which is undemocratic and not credible. My reference is the constitution of a republican and democratic state like the philippines and the sworn duty of a Christian to go against cheating. Be with the people who do not cheat or steal and do not want to be stealed nor cheated but it seems that the christian duty and the love of country is neglicted. . God bless and may the righteous and true people help you and me.

Sincerly yours, I am

Audtr. renz salles

vocation messenger

Has the world gone mad?

Has the world gone mad?

The days of old fashioned Red & Blue state politics is over Bush etal. has brought us into the Global Market of autocrats and aristrocrats.

Oil and $$$ run the world and votes are only for recreation.

Go big Red Go

Also on this date Wednesday, April 3, 2024...