"Weed Out Hate Day 2024 is on Wednesday, April 3, 2024: weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 is "Weed Out Hate Day 2024. Mark your Calendar - Weed Out Hate day - April 3rd, 2014 3rd,2014 is Weed Out Hate;

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Just quit smoking weed if you want to stop smoking weed. Your boyfriend should accept you for who you are, and have you smoke weed if you choose to do so. But if you want to quit yourself, then just quit. Marijuana is not physically addictive and I'm sure you know the only "withdraw" symptom of stopping smoking weed is you get really bored because your used to being stoned and entertained by doing boring dumb stuff.

I hate weed?????????????

I hate weed?????????????

Don't try to push your beliefs on others and try to get them to stop. They choose to smoke just as much as you choose not to. And definitely don't look down on people for doing it because one day you may decide that you like it. That being said on to the real answer.

If your friends try to pressure you into smoking just say "no thanks." True friends wouldn't try to pressure you into smoking. They should respect you decision. But most people won't pressure because that's just one less person they have to share with.

If you truly don't like it then why do you put yourself in the position to be around it? No one is stopping you from walking away from it.

Weed withdrawal symptoms...?

Weed withdrawal symptoms...?

You can't be physically addicted to marijuana(you can be mentally addicted tho)... So withdrawal symptoms??

No. You might be moody/anxious for a few days, and maybe even experience some weight loss(lack of munchies lol)

And why would you smoke something if you knew(or even thought) it was laced? That can be very dangerous..and if you ARE feeling the effects of a physical addiction withdraw then its NOT from the weed, its possibly from something else.

Also on this date Wednesday, April 3, 2024...