Fish Fingers and Custard Day 2024 is on Wednesday, April 3, 2024: Nerds I need you(No offense) Doctor Who?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 is Fish Fingers and Custard Day 2024. Fish Stick Cookies with Vanilla Pudding - Bakingdom Fish Fingers and Custard

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Fish Fingers and Custard Day

To celebrate the Second anniversary of Matt Smith's well-known "Fish Fingers and Custard" setting in the Medical professional Which episode 'Eleventh Hour', the BBC have actually determined to coin 3rd April 2012 as "Authorities Fish Fingers And Custard Day".

You are invited to put your taste buds to the examination by eating the [apparently] delicious dish. Oh, and they 'd quite like you to tape-record it on video camera and upload it to YouTube for every person else's enjoyment! So whether you're a Physician Which supporter or simply simple bonkers given that you've always been trying to find the excuse to consume them at the same time, get hold of some fish fingers and custard and acquire munching!

To get associated with the BBC's event, head over to their official Facebook team, or publish a video response on YouTube to this video clip.

Nerds I need you(No offense) Doctor Who?

Doctor Who Catchphrases:

"Bow ties are cool."

"Fish fingers and custard"


"Come along, Pond."

Also, whenever she asks you something about suprises or something say "Spoilers".

I’m new betta fish owner. Is there anything I should know?

I'm new betta fish owner. Is there anything I should know?

Most of those "Betta Bowls" are too small. Get a tank that is 1 gallon at the minimum, and larger is better,such as 2 1/2 or 5 gallons. A heater (correct size for your tank) is a good idea to keep the water temperature steady. A non-drafty location in a warm room is ok, but Bettas like warmer temperatures than most rooms, about 80 degrees. They can get used to cooler, like 75 degrees, but what harms them is the temperature going up and down too much, especially too quickly. A heater would kick in if the water cooled off too much. Larger tanks are much easier to keep at a steady temperature, and more fun to decorate.

Keep the water clean and change the filter as needed, if you have one. If not, siphon the 'dirt' out and replace with clean water weekly. How much water to replace depends on the size of the tank, for a small bowl or 1-gallon, replace about half, for larger, replace about a gallon. Chlorine, and detergent, are toxic to fish.

Give him high-quality food, such as Hikari Betta Bio-Gold, and don't over-feed him. About 3-6 pellets, twice a day, should be fine. Feed the pellets one at a time, and when he shows less interest in taking the next pellet, stop feeding. He'll learn to come to you to be fed. About once a week or two, you could give him a treat. Take a frozen green pea, and thaw it between your fingers. Remove the skin. cut the pea into tiny pieces, like the pellets. Use the wide end of a flat toothpick to feed him a piece at a time. If any pieces fall to the bottom, siphon them out or they will decay and foul the water.

Most petshops will test your water for free. Bring in a sample of about 1/2 cup, in a clean pill bottle or similar. Do any treatments of the water (such as to remove chlorine) in a separate bucket and mix it well before putting it in the fish tank. Make sure the temperature of the new water is the same as in the tank before adding it. Have a bucket that you use only for your fish's water, that has never had nasty chemicals in it. (I got a nice big bucket for free from a bakery, that originally had custard pie-filling in it.) Don't use this bucket for anything else but your fish's water, and keep it clean. You could use it to store your supplies (siphon hose, net, water-treatments, etc.)

When you are going to do a thorough cleaning, remove the fish and about half of his water to a bowl where he can be safe and undisturbed, such as an ice-cream bucket. Give him a hiding place (like a plant) so he won't feel so exposed. Put a lid on it, they can jump! Gently pour him back into his home after all the work is done.

Don't use detergent to clean your fish's tank & stuff. Use salt on a wet rag to scour stubborn spots, otherwise a clean rag and hot water should work. Mineral deposits from hard water are easily removed with vinegar. Rinse well. If you have a problem with algae on ornaments or plastic plants, dissolve a handful of salt in hot water and soak them while you clean the rest of the things. Rub the plant stems between your fingers and rinse well under the tap. Use the sink-strainer to avoid losing bits of the plants.

Use the internet to learn more about your fish.

How do you make custard?

How do you make custard?

Caramelize in a pan 1/2 cup of sugar. Low heat until liqiid turns dark brown. Pour this into a heat proof bakewear. Carefully tilt bakewear until caramel is evenly spread on bottom. Let cool.

Blend 6 eggs, can of evaporated milk and a can of condensed sweetened milk.

Pour mixture i to bakewear.

Bake at 450 for 90 minutes. Let cool. Refrigerate.

Tastes better the next day you made it.

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