Tweed Day 2024 is on Wednesday, April 3, 2024: Jack Tweed out for wedding day!!!?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 is Tweed Day 2024. Green Lovat Tweed Day Waistcoat with 5 staghorn buttons Green Lovat Tweed Day

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Tweed Day

There's some confusion in regards to what exactly Tweed Day is commemorating – could it be the corrupt American Democratic boss renowned for running the Tammany Hall political machine, William M “Boss” Tweed, who also went the “Tweed Ring” which stole between $30 to $200 million through political corruption in New You are able to, or perhaps is it the initial Scottish fabric, usually fashioned into suits, jackets and pants in designs for example hounds tooth and herringbone?The apparent answer will be the Scottish material, although there's no record of April 3rd getting any relevance towards the roots of Tweed, the error which had it named Tweed, or any founders’ birth or dying dates out of the box the typical situation with days similar to this.April 3rd comes with a unique relevance to Boss Tweed though – he was created April 3rd, 1823.

Jack Tweed out for wedding day!!!?

I'm glad! I mean, where do they think he is going to go with all that media attention? Let them have at least one night together to enjoy. It's great that there is some common sense left in the uk justice system. He's been a naughty boy and I hope he's learned his lesson. Give them some time because it won't be happy ever after will it?

Where Did Boss Tweed’s Money Go?

Where Did Boss Tweed's Money Go?

You should ask Governor Tilden that as if he had signed off on the agreement to hear Tweeds testimony we would know by now. To me that gives rise to suspicion in assuming that perhaps Tilden did not want the truth to come out not because he hated him as many would have finding he had embezzled funds from the state of NY of which Tweed successfully defended the first time and got out the second time by an appeal that had to have been really good in those days to be successful, but because it might have been brought to the people's attention that Tilden might of had a role in the affair of which may have been more than the evidence gathering he claimed to have had done which prompted Tweed's arrest. It's rather likely in my view as many people who aspired to power in those days were notorious corrupt businessmen and gang associates.

Tilden may have realized when he decided to escape to Spain that it was his only hope left and after being recaptured and knowing he wouldn't last long in such prisons to then make a final act of perhaps service and duty as a former senator onto the people of NY by a legal proposition to be approved by the newly appointed governor and also his rival of which proves by the governors decision to quash what I would consider a declaration of innocence as the people of NY and yourself to this very day will ask what has happened to the money that a governor would not allow Tweed who was originally sentenced to do 12 years in prison go free that we would find the money and the inner dealings of Tweeds so called corrupt practices? That Tweed who was already worth millions and living on 5th Avenue would even bother to steal money is perhaps another question we might ask also. .

Jack & jade goody - tweed?

Jack & jade goody - tweed?

People die of cancer every day-some in worse situations then Jade-I understand that it's a terrible situation, but why should she get more attention all the other people who suffer from the same disease?

It's horrible and wrong, but you can never get them to admit that it's preference to celebrities

Also on this date Wednesday, April 3, 2024...