World Day of The Sick 2025 is on Tuesday, February 11, 2025: Why is this world so sick?

Tuesday, February 11, 2025 is World Day of The Sick 2025.

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Why is this world so sick?

What a noble plight. ^^

The only advice available is to just live your own life, and detach this emotional investment you have in the goodness of the world outside of your own life. To live vicariously through the misfortunes of the rest of the world is only going to lead you to a life like you've described above. You're going to continue to feel depressed as long as you let the rest of the world dictate how you feel on a daily basis. Don't do this to yourself. We can recognize that there are problems throughout the world without emotionally investing in these problems and making our own situation worse because of this.

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Is the world ending saturday?

Is the world ending saturday?

No sweetheart, people are sick for even trying to scare you, we will all die one day but when natural disasters occur they come without warning enjoy life

slim = beauty, is the world sick?

slim = beauty, is the world sick?

Meh, that's society. It's a fad. In the old days being larger was considered beautiful. Even in the fifties having big hip and stuff was sexy (like Marylin Monroe) and now the style is thin. It's just the current trends go past clothing and hairstyles, but go into body shapes too. There are plenty of people who see past this and just have their preference, in fact most people find the anorexic types disgusting. (and that's usually a mental issue) But the media decides what's in style, clothes, or body types. But I think healthy will always be "in" because it's the best for your body and people should see that. Also the "curvy" thing is kinda coming back with all the plus-sized models and such.

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