Extraterrestrial Culture Day 2025 is on Tuesday, February 11, 2025: does anyone believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial beings?

Tuesday, February 11, 2025 is Extraterrestrial Culture Day 2025. Extraterrestrial Culture Day on Vimeo Extraterrestrial Culture Day

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Extraterrestrial Culture Day

An formally acknowledged day in Boise State Broncos (Roswell), Extraterrestrial Culture Day remembers extraterrestrial cultures, and our past, present and future associations with extraterrestrial site visitors.Obtain the kettle on and hang the table for any guest, ET could just be popping round!

does anyone believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial beings?

UFOs per se, have been visiting the earth since the dawn of our time, that is well documented in many ancient cultures..

The big cover-up is because of mainstream religion, you don't have to be a genius to work out why they want it covered up, do you ??...

The Church is the biggest money institution on the planet and the government, anyone's government will do all they can to keep a lid on it, even murder people who have absolute proof..

I am an abductee and a very out spoken one at that, all the seminars I attend, I bring up this question...

If you had 3 questions you could ask an ET, would one of them be about religion and God ?!?!, well you can bet that question has been asked and they didn't like the answer, so to keep all the sheep grazing in their perspective paddocks they cover it up vehemently...

I will paste an answer I have already typed as it is far too long to repeat for me as I am a very slow typist...

I have seen perhaps 30-40 UFOs, possibly more, as I stopped counting years ago.. I saw my first UFOs through my bedroom window when I was 8 years old, they were in formation and there were between 5-7 of them, and that night changed my world forever..

When I woke up in the morning I shot straight upright in bed and felt different somehow, and I went and informed my mother that I was no longer going to Sunday School as I no longer believed in any of it..We were not a religious family and my father had died, so that was that, I had no argument from my mother..

Over the next X amount of years I searched for something that I believed in, and at age 13, I discovered Wicca and that felt right to me.. I tried to join a Coven, but at my age and the year being 1970, well, I was a minor and Wicca and Witchcraft was only whispered.. By age 20 I was a 3rd degree Wiccan Priest..

Back to the UFOs, I spent many years as a Diamond Driller in the outback of Australia and I saw may unexplained things, both in the air and on the ground..In 1984 I saw a UFO on the ground, and the only reason I could see it as I was 40 feet in the air, up the mast of my Drill Rig doing a minor repair on night-shift.. I have a witness to this one as my off-sider saw it too..It would take me ages to explain all of that, so I will skip a few hours..When we knocked off at 5:00 AM, I grabbed a torch and a 6 pack of beer and went to have a look for it, and my off-sider said I was mad and no way was he coming with me..The next thing I remember is waltzing back into camp at about 11:00 AM, and I still had 5 beers left, no real memory as to where I had been for the last 6 hours, but I wanted to take the Toyota and go back and have another look, but the Boss said no, so I went to bed, that was in Sth Aust...

About 3 months later I was Drilling in Western Aust, and I woke up about 4 -5 miles from camp on the track that lead to the homestead.. I was stark naked, no real idea where I was, and no idea of the time..I took a guess and walked off down the dirt road, with the moon high I could see OK..

I spotted our camp at almost day-light and wandered in, much to the surprise of my work mates..

I would like to say this, the country I was in was desert country, quite rocky and lots of spinifex, very prickley..I was unscathed, when I began my walk back to camp, I only hurt myself on the walk back, so how did I get to where I was in the first place ?? No I don't sleep walk, no drugs or beer were involved.. You see when they abduct you, you always have what we call "missing time", and they don't always put you back from where they took you...

That is only 2 of my abductions, I am a multiple abductee, and would not have any idea as to how many times they have taken me, as you don't always remember the missing time..

The last time they took me was about 4 months ago, as I was driving home from the City, as I still live in the bush..

This is a first for me as far as I know, I have 4 hours missing time, and I woke up in my car parked on the side of the road on the wrong highway, to get to my town, as a matter of fact I was about 45-50 Kms from where I should have been..

The clock in my car, was 4 hours slow and my trip meter didn't add up when I did the calculations the next day...

The above events are true, and I have many more, and there are many I would not remember as well..

One day I will go under hypnosis and have the last 43 years of my abductions put on tape or CD...

I am 51 and they have taken me since I was 8, and my baby sister has confided in me, she thinks she has also been taken... Please take this seriously, they are here, and for whatever reason, they take us, millions of us share this experience, and I am not afraid of them, I don't think they mean us any harm, if they did, I think we would know by now..

In Light...)O(

Why don’t Extraterrestrials make there existence apparent to us?

Why don't Extraterrestrials make there existence apparent to us?

First of all, I would like to say if aliens are superior beings then they would be able to control how much we would be aware of their intervention on earth. And various explanations exist why even our own governments would conceal alien contact. They may have no choice. They may be convinced that the knowledge of extraterrestrials visiting earth might be disruptive, destructive, and/or a threat to our established way of life, culture and modes of living that (hopefully) most of us enjoy. The military of the United States may wish to keep a monopoly on alien contacts or acquire same to the extent they can. How better to accomplish that then to make it seem like they are not at all interested themselves? Yet more possibilities exist. Aliens may have much more power and control than what we could stomach if we knew. Consider this, in a scenario where the headlines of the major newspapers read: "Extraterrestrials Meet With Senators And The President In Oval Office." It would be all we would talk about or think about if we were convinced it was true. All kinds of anarchy would ensue as people demanded more information, and many would panic and promote their own fears. The entire world would become obsessed. Even if mountains of information were released to the public it would not be enough. It is a big universe and there are several hundred billion galaxies if I heard right. The citizenry of the earth would demand all kinds of revolution in government, government spending, technology, space exploration, and improvements not considered before the revelations of extraterrestrials. At the very least they may try to just keep a lid on it until the year 2012.

Can an extraterrestrial be murdered?

Can an extraterrestrial be murdered?

Let's take a look at history.

I think if the aliens are readily recognized as being as advanced or more advanced than us, then there would be in all likelihood murder charges brought up by Earth-based governments. However, in human history, there has been a tendency for more advanced cultures to treat the more primitive culture as less-than-human. Killing a less-than-human being in the days of conquest and colonization often resulted in little more than a slap on the wrist for the perpetrator, so to speak.

If the aliens' sensibilities had the same double standards as humans', they might not think much of killing a human -- too primitive to call murder. If humans ended up killing one of them first, it would be catastrophic for humans. They might decide to just get rid of all of us.

Also on this date Tuesday, February 11, 2025...