Make A Friend's Day 2025 is on Tuesday, February 11, 2025: Is July 1 marked as Best friends' day?

Tuesday, February 11, 2025 is Make A Friend's Day 2025. Make A Friend Day Make A Friend Day

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Make A Friend’s Day

When there is each day to dust your friendship bracelet off or polish your personalized ‘Best Friend’ mug, then here it is. Create a Friend’s Day is special day when pranks are pardoned,game tickets are passed around and IOU’s are redeemed. How this holiday came from remains a mysterious, but we are able to only thank whomever concocted it because our plant centers and friendship clubs are buzzing readily. If perhaps pubs experienced the Create a Friend holiday spirit, too! So stock on chocolates and occasional, out on another be worried about that rain since you may meet somebody new yet, plus they may be putting on an ‘I Hate Attacking Young Boys, too’ t-shirt. If you are searching for new friend fishing lures, listed here are a couple of conversation starters: shown shades, ‘Save the paramecium’ balloons, and ‘Don’t mind me, I’m bored’ temple tats.

Is July 1 marked as Best friends’ day?

I actually heard that it was International Joke Day today

Question about my friend’s 3 day old baby...Please Read!?

Question about my friend's 3 day old baby...Please Read!?

Babies spit up. Newborns often spit up a lot at first because they do swallow fluids at birth. I don't think the meconium is a factor here.

Most importantly though, she seems to have some misinformation -- babies are NEVER allergic to breastmilk, so she would not have been allergic as a baby. (She may have been allergic to something her mother ate -- and her mom then got bad advice and was told to wean.) Also, infants are never lactose intolerant, so her father's LI isnt' relevent.

She should just keep nursing often. Her milk probably isn't in yet and baby is sleepy, so he's going to nurse briefly and often. Over the next few days, as baby gets a bit older and the milk comes in, he will nurse longer. In the meantime, as long as he's having wet diapers (a 3 day old should have 3 wet dipes per day; tomorrow he shoulld have 4, etc. -- until by 6 days+ he should have at least 6 a day) he's getting plenty to eat.

EDIT: The responses that recommended rushing to the ER because baby is spitting up seem excessive. Again, as long as he's wetting diapers he's FINE. Spit-up looks like more than it is.

How to decorate my best friend’s locker for her b-day?

How to decorate my best friend's locker for her b-day?

Well, a good place to start is with whatever you have readily-available (after all, decorations add up fast, which is why it can help to involve other people, so both the fun and the cost can be shared); for a list of some good items to potentially make use of:

-wrapping paper, which you can essentially tape on to the surface of the locker, tucking it in at the sides so it looks "wrapped" (particularly if it's a little odd, cute, or just plain bold...I've decorated my friend's locker with rubber duckie paper (keeping in mind he's like a 6-ft something body builder...) and another time I used ladybug paper...but so long as it's reasonably colourful, it'll be a hit!)

- balloons (which can be taped by their mouthpiece to the locker with good tape)

- tinsel (can be added in little bunches to add some extra glam...)

- also, if you happen to have her locker combination, it's always fun to decorate the inside (granted that you don't move anything, leave anything messy in it (i.e. confetti), or work alongside anyone "disreputable" (we don't want anything going missing!) - in the past, I've used streamers (and sort of taped/draped them across it), filled a locker to the brim with balloons, and even shoved a whole bunch of flowers into one (it was a group effort...we all brought a small grocery store bouquet)!

Have fun! =)

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