Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day 2025 is on Tuesday, February 11, 2025: What is the poem that ends "why don't you laugh?"?

Tuesday, February 11, 2025 is Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day 2025. February 11th is Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day dont-cry-over-spilled-milk-day

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

If this involves Don’t Cry Over Leaking Milk Day, the title states everything. Sometimes, if in the beginning you do not succeed, the solution isn’t to test again – but to no way and move ahead. Even though many mistakes may be put right, sometimes it’s just like impossible as gathering that puddle of milk into the bottle.The roots of Don’t Cry Over Leaking Milk Day aren’t known, however the phrase is an old proverb advocating people to not spend your time fretting about minor errors. Rather, cleanup the mess and focus on what you can alter instead of individuals you cannot. The easiest method to celebrate this very day would be to forgive yourself for past mistakes and appear forward rather. You might have a milkshake or perhaps a milk pudding – but simply don’t get stressed if a lot of it eventually ends up on the ground!

What is the poem that ends "why don’t you laugh?"?

I had never heard of this poem until reading your question. It's good. Thanks!

Why Don't You Laugh?

"Why don't you laugh, young man, when troubles come,

Instead of sitting 'round so sour and glum?

You cannot have all play, And Sunshine every day;

When troubles come, I say, why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh? 'T will never help to soothe

The aches and pains. No road in life is smooth;

There's many an unseen bump, And many a hidden stump

O'er which you'll have to jump. Why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh? Don't let your spirits wilt;

Don't sit and cry because the milk you've spilt;

If you would mend it now, Prey let me tell you how:

Just milk another cow! Why don't you laugh?

"Why don't you laugh, and make us all laugh, too,

And keep us mortals all from getting blue?

A laugh will always win; If you can't laugh, just grin,-

Come on, let's all join in! Why don't you laugh?"

No crying over spilled milk....?

No crying over spilled milk....?

Spit up is normal IF baby is content and happy otherwise. IF it is projectile (you know like all of the sudden it flies 5 ft) then there is probably a reason for concern. Most likely it's more of a laundry issue than anything. My in-laws were convinced that my son had/has reflux or GERD. He spit up pretty frequently when he was littler, (it's few and far between now, he's almost 6 months old) but I was never too concerned as he was gaining very well (21 lbs @ 4 months) and is as happy as can be, he would actually spit up and smile at the same time, lol. So unless he's extra fussy, or the spit up seems to bother him, I wouldn't worry too much. I think reflux/GERD is so overly diagnosed these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some babies actually do have it, but these days it seems EVERY baby does.

Sounds like your baby is just a "happy spitter"

EDIT: the answer above mentions burping more frequently, this helped my son cut back on the "spilled milk".

Am I "crying" over spilt milk?

Am I "crying" over spilt milk?

The question is: do you want to get romantically involved? Why not take things a little more lightly and go to the dance as friends (at least in your mind) and see what happens? If you talk about something too much ahead of time it becomes a big issue then makes things awkward if one person wants to back out. You say you are average looking but guess what? Guys don't see us as we see ourselves. He probably thinks you're gorgeous and also loves your personality. Otherwise he wouldn't have noticed you, he would have asked someone else. So don't put yourself down. Just take one day at a time - go to the dance, let him make all the first moves while you play the mysterious-hard-to-get kind of girl. Be nice, polite and wonderful company. Laugh alot and be happy.... but if he really cares for you, make him work for your love. Don't be easy but remember, always be polite and wonderful. Let's see if he keeps coming back for more. That will show is real intentions.

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