Whole Grain Sampling Day 2024 is on Tuesday, April 2, 2024: sample meal plan?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 is Whole Grain Sampling Day 2024. Buy Grain Sample Probes‎ Seedburo, Made in the USA Durable, Best Prices Fast Shipping

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sample meal plan?

Breakfast- Whole wheat bagel +1 tbs. all natural peanut butter and a fruit

Lunch- Sandwhich of two peices of whole grain bread with 97% (or more) lean turkey breast and a variety of veggies and lettuce. A teaspoon of olive oil on the sandwhich is optional. +One fruit

Snack before practice- about an ounce of whole-wheat pretzels (one serving, you can count them out yourself if you just look at the lable) +a small handful of nuts

Dinner- One fillet of grilled chicken or fish, half a cup of either brown rice or whole wheat pasta or a whole grain roll, and half a plate filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dessert- One nonfat yogurt, at least an hour after dinner to keep your blood-sugar regular

Was my day okay today?

Was my day okay today?

I suggest replacing your Jelly with preserves. You don't need to worry about having too much Calcium, I noticed you only had a small cup of Simply Orange, when it's advised you have an 8 ounce glass each day. I suggest switching to Wheat Thins or Kettle Chips rather then Low Sodium Pretzels, as the still contain too much salt in them. You did a good job on making sure you worked your body out. I noticed you mentioned playing Just Dance 2, so I'm going to make another suggestion. I suggest the 20$ game you can buy at WalMart called Exerbeat, it has some good exercises on it. It has Salsa, Mambo, Hip Hop, Aerobics, Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts, and a few more types on it. it's a really good way to workout your legs and arms. It sounds like you had a good day over all. I suggest you eat a bit more, the standard these days is 3-5 small meals a day every 3-4 hours rather then 3 large meals every 5 hours. You did a good job on the dinner salad and lunch melon slices. There isn't really a problem with having a lot of bread either, having a higher fiber intake will simply help cleanse your body of anything it considers waste, also good job on having grapes and carrots as a snack, rather then unhealthy options.

What is a 2 day menu that is a balance diet and has all the calories with it? HELP! ASAP?

What is a 2 day menu that is a balance diet and has all the calories with it? HELP! ASAP?

A Sample Day (for the average women)



1 1/4 cups of Multi Grain Cheerios (140 calories)

1 cup of Skim Milk (80 calories)

1/2 cup of Strawberries (50 calories)


Kashi Go Lean Crunch Bar (190 calories)


2 Slices of Whole Wheat Bread (160 calories)

5 Slices Fat Free Turkey (50 calories)

1 Slice of Swiss Cheese (105 calories)

8 Baby Carrot Sticks (30 calories)

Tbsp Hummus Dip (70 calories)


1 cup of Grapes (80 calories)

1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese (110 calories)


4oz white chicken breast w/ lemon & garlic seasoning (120 calories)

3/4 cup cooked broccoli (40 calories) w/ tbsp butter (50 calories) w/ dash sea salt

1 cup of cooked brown rice (160 calories)

8oz low fat chocolate milk (170 calories)


Medium Sized Apple (50 calories)

1.5 tbsp Natural peanut butter (150 calories)

TOTAL: 1800 Calories



2 scrambled eggs (140 calories)

Light Whole Grain Eng. Muffin (110 calories)

Orange (35 calories)


Cliff Bar (240 calories)


Whole Wheat Pita (140 calories)

Can of Tuna (in water) (120 calories) w/ tbsp low fat mayo (45 calories)

Lettuce & Tomato (10 calories)

8 Baby Carrot Sticks (35 calories)

Fruit Cup (60 calories)


Cheese Stick (60 calories)

8 Wheat Thins (110 calories)


1 cup of salad (15 calories)

tbsp low fat dressing (50 calories)

baked sweet potato (95 calories) w/ tsp butter (25 calories)

4oz lean turkey breast (110 calories)


1 cup of low fat frozen vanilla yogurt (250 calories)

3 small fig newton cookies (150 calories)

TOTAL: 1800 Calories

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