National Love Your Produce Manager Day 2024 is on Tuesday, April 2, 2024: Why our industrialists are not coming in indian politics to devolope our counury?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 is National Love Your Produce Manager Day 2024. Frieda's Celebrates Love Your Produce Manager Day The Produce Manager asked his

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Why our industrialists are not coming in indian politics to devolope our counury?

Industry & politics are two different things; each needing a 24 hour effort every day. Even if a person is too ambitious & tries both allocating time to each everyday, it would be like riding two horses at a time.

Development of the country is a different matter altogether. As current events are proving the politicians have left development and concentrating on making money as the country is riding a wave of Growth. Legislatures have put the country on an auto-pilot while settling party feuds and personal battles in the legislatures (I don't need to use glorified names for them, lest the meaning of the words would be tarnished). The real task of running the country fell by default to the Courts.

Indians are yet to discover the world of Industry. What they are doing, as always, was dishing out obsolete technology, capturing those industries where maximum money can be made (this is not the same as development). If there is money in selling 'sand' they do that business as they are dong currently. Indian business is rapacious. They believe in renting out whatever means of production, economy, licenses or whatever to the highest bidders. If their industries are really producing something that is not produced elsewhere or creates a brand (Nokia was created in Finland, a small country of 7½ million = 75 lakhs) then the FDI & FII will simply pour in without the two Sardars prompting them to do with lot of effort. India couldn't produce an ounce of Silicon metal when the technology came into market half a century ago. In the meanwhile Korea, Taiwan have become the biggest producers leaving the original producer Japan far behind. Now, they & a plethora of countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) produce all the "Chips" from the scratch, not assembling. India can't produce or assemble a decent 'Laptop' even now (where are those Indian I n d u s t r i a l i s t s?)

Another facet of Indian economics is the regime of shortages. In a communist economy the goods & services are produced just enough to meet the need of the population and prices are kept low to the ground. In a Capitalist economy there is excess production, intense competition that lowers the prices to affordability. In a mixed economy that was India before 1992 but stayed, the business mantra is to produce enough but hide or hoard it & make it scarce so as to make a killing with high prices. There can be no India without scarcities in at least half a dozen goods or services. Thank God, Internet & Cell phones were introduced in the West & not India. Had they been introduced into India first, everyone would be paying through their noses. Free Internet in cash terms (paid for the services only & not content) is something that an Indian can't imagine. Sameer Bhatia the Indian inventor of hot mail in America, even said he would launch Cell phone service with '0' paisa charged for the talk time, as all expenses would be met by the advertisers. It shows the potential.It is why all these Mittals, Ruias are rushing headlong into this business. The country is studded with a million kiosks of these companies only to collect money as in a Marwadi lender's shops while the service has recovered the cost long ago.

Consumer is worse. He wouldn't pay anything for anything if he could. But is ready to pay any amount for a thing that is scarce, paying for the services or goods is an anathema for him. The relationship with the Industrialist-Capitalist is symbiotic & nefarious. So, he doesn't deserve good market, economy or goods and he is best left to his devices & his money that multiplies in a rentier market. When he says he likes Capitalism, he doesn't know its virtues to practice. If he says he loves Communism he does because it makes him a free-booter praying on the national resources like a parasite without producing anything worthwhile (except s hit).

kid cudi & asher roth great hangover tour:)?

kid cudi & asher roth great hangover tour:)?

Well i didn't go yet(I'm going July 28th), but this is from a forum that i go to about Kid Cudi:

(For those who want to know about the tour here is all the info for ya.)

The doors opened at 7 for a show that was GA only, when my friends and I got there at 6 there were literally lines going for 5 blocks to get in. Once we got in there were shirts sold for Cudi, Asher, and 88. The shirts were pretty cool, there were the two that Cudi posted on twitter, 88's shirt which is a dude on a horse with a microphone in black or light blue, and 2 for Asher one which had a pic of him and the tour dates on the back and one that said The Blumpkin King. When we went in we saw that it said BoB was also on the list to perform, he didnt which left us a little disappointed, however that doesnt matter.

To start the show Funk Flex came out and tore it up. He played an amazing playlist that had everyone going nuts. After about 30-40 minutes of this Ciphasounds and Rosenberg from Hot 97 came out and introduced the tour and then introduced 88 Keys. 88 came out and his shit was amazing live. He performed Stay Up, a new song called Wake Up Call featuring Colin Munroe (who came out to perform with 88 twice!), Bout to Bus, Morning Wood, Friends Zone, Nice Guys Finish Last, and performed the remix of Last Cause with Colin. Then he did a little performance of the songs he produced. This made his set kind of drag on a little long for an opening act,but all in all his show was awesome.

Then we chilled for a little and Rosenberg and Ciphasounds came back, who both were extremely lame. But they introduced Asher and shit popped off. He opened by coming on stage in a go kart and performed Lark on My Go Kart, Blunt Cruisin, As I Em, Lions Roar, La Di Da, Be by Myself, She dont wanna Dance, Sour Patch Kids, Fallin, Roth Boys, Cannon, and to close he did a sick version of I love College and at the end of that Jim Jones came out to do his verse on the remix. Then his set was done and he came back out for an encore song which was roth boys i think and did a stage dive, it was sick. Great performer, he wasnt confident enough to be on stage alone without his boy, but he had a live drummer who was amazing and an equally amazing DJ. The drummer made the performance.

More time waiting with the Hot 97 clowns, and eventually we get Cudder. Cudder's set was pretty cool, it was a lot of lights and a lot of video in the background. Definatly took some tips from Kanye before making his set. During Cudi's performance he faded to black for almost each song but it was ok. His set list included:

National Cudder Theme Song (Pretty cool, first time hearing it)

Down and Out

Dat New New

Mr. Solo Dolo (Finished version has strings and sounds amazing)

Is there Any Love? (This song was basically done acapella with some DJ scratches which was kinda ill)

Cudi Spazzin

HEart of a Lion (Another excellent new track from Cudder)

Embrace the Martian (Had everyone jumping)

Sky High

Sky Might Fall

Make Her Say

Day N Nite

Day N Nite Crookers Remix - Remixed (Cudi performed this while being on stage and while chillin in the crowd. It was awesome)

And that was the end of the show. When it ended it was like 11 15 and I didnt have a ride back til 12 30 so I was just chillin by the theater and I notice two busses pull up which were Asher's tour bus and equipment bus. So I'm just sitting outside watching the sound crew take all the stuff out and by this point my friend and I are the only ones there, and Colin Munroe just walks out with his friend like a random dude and sees us and says Whatsup and we told him he did great, he took a picture with us, he was real chill. Nice guy. Then we met the drummer from Ashers set who took us to Ashers manager who told us to just hang out and Asher would come out in a little to see us. Soon enough Asher and his boys came out we chilled with Asher for a little hes a great dude, really nice. Took a few pictures with him and then he told us to go to the After Party which was at this club Hudson Terrace in NYC and that hed put us on his list and shit like that. Just showing us how cool he was, only issue was that we were both 19 and neither of us had fakes. Cudi and his crew went there also and then finished thier night at The Pink Elephant. All in all the tour is amazing and those of you that get BoB at your venue as well are going to go crazy.

Also: I saw like maybe 15 people wearing yeezys, all of those kids left with them scuffed up for surrre

Jesus took one person’s meal and multiplied it, giving food to many- was this socialism?

Jesus took one person's meal and multiplied it, giving food to many- was this socialism?

No. Liberals never quote Jesus on His parable of the talents where the one servant who didn't invest his master's talent but buried it in the ground so he wouldn't lose it had it taken away from him and given to the man who had invested and produced 10 talents. (Matt. 25). He concluded that parable with, "For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away."

Jesus never forced anyone to give Him anything, including the boy who offered up his lunch that day. (Jn 6:8) Socialism is where the government taxes people, even against their will, to give to others or redistribute. Socialism says, "Let the government decide who gets what. Don't put your trust in God. We can take care of you all!"

Even in the book of Acts we see Christians, willingly selling their possessions and bringing the proceeds to the church to give to those who had material needs. (Acts 4:32-35). No one forced them. They gave WILLINGLY. It was an example of charity and not socialism.

Paul instructed people on giving, "Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, NOT RELUCTANTLY OR UNDER COMPULSION, for God loves a cheerful giver." (2 Cor 9:7)

Taxes by nature are not gifts by what the government says is owed.

Jesus told people to "...render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” This Caesar wants more and more and more from people, even things that belong to God like an unchallenged allegiance.

To say that Obama lines up more Biblically than Romney reveals an interpreting of the scriptures to fit one's political views instead of the other way around. Both Democrats and Republicans struggle with this at times.

God rebuked King Nebuchadnezzar through Daniel for not showing mercy to the oppressed, (Dan. 4:27), which can include not looking after the poor. So it's not that government can't play a part in helping those in need, it should. But socialism tries to turn society into a poverty free place. It doesn't work. It violates the principles of sowing and reaping and working hard for one's income.

Jesus also supported people working for their income. In His parable of the laborer,s (Matt 20), the owner of a vineyard went out to find laborers to work in his fields. If he believed in socialism he wouldn't have done that. He would have just given them a check. And the owners of such properties wouldn't seek out laborers unless they were generous people that believed people not only get self respect from working hard but also need to provide for their families. They usually had managers to hire the workers.

Obama has been terribly critical of Christians while at the same time praised, apologized to and catered to not only Muslims but the far left who is mostly made up of people who don't believe in God. Obama has shown little love or respect for Christians or the church but has mocked them. He doesn't respect the national day of prayer. He believes that the bigger the government, or what the Bible calls, "the beast" in Rev. 13:4) the better.

His health care bill forces Catholics and religious folks to provide birth control even if its against their religious beliefs.

Personally, I don't think I can count on two hands the things Obama has done that lines up with Biblical principles.

Obama also voted to support infanticide while a Senator in Illinois.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”― Winston Churchill

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