Ferret Day 2024 is on Tuesday, April 2, 2024: Ferrets?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 is Ferret Day 2024. National Ferret Day: A Guide To Ferrets As Pets up by National Ferret Day.

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Ferret Day

'A ferret is forever, not simply for stuffing down your trousers', as we are advised every Christmas, although to several ferret proprietors, that is life. Ferret Day looks for to commemorate these remarakable and resistant animals.

The ferret is a too much maligned and misinterpreted mustelid, the domesticated relative of the European polecat. Hence it is widely thought to be a smelly, quarrelsome, amoral, biting monster. This could not be additionally from the honest truth, and Ferret Day advertises the true virtues of this attractive, cuddly animal and furthers the welfare of ferrets everywhere.

Ferrets are often kept as working pets, but also make loyal and satisfying companions. The standards of welfare, nourishment and treatment required for every coincides. Ferret Day offers a focus for ferret-lovers to work together and share their passion, and to educate the broader public regarding this great, upstanding participant of the rodent neighborhood.


Ferrets can make excellent pets-- they're playful, smart & friendly. They're *not* rodents, btw, but are more closely related to skunks & weasels. When we had our ferret, I'd often refer to her as 'my little weasel.'

Many ferrets have already been neutered & descented when you adopt them, which is a *really* good idea, but there is some smell involved b/c they have scent glands in different areas. Some ppl don't mind the odor--my SO actually like it--but a weekly bath will help a *lot* & there are deodorizing sprays made especially for ferrets.

There are several commercial foods for ferrets of various life stages but if you can't find them you can use a high-quality kitten food. You can get special treats for them too, or use cat treats & an occasional bit of whatever fruits or veggies your little friend might enjoy (tastes vary, just like with ppl).

Some ppl let their ferrets have the run of the house but it's probably safer to keep them in a spacious cage & let them out while you're there to keep an eye on them. They are active little guys & get plenty of excercise by playing & exploring their environment. Ours used to play 'tag' with one of our cats & I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there to see it every day. Ferrets also have their 'happy dance' which you may have seen or heard about, it actually freaked me out a bit the 1st time I witnessed it.

With patience & persistance, you can train your ferret to sit on your shoulder. They can also be litter-box trained, which I highly reccommend but which takes a *lot* of patience. Since they are so smart & playful I would guess you could teach them to play fetch as well. Some ppl also leash-train their ferrets but we never tried this.

Good luck to you & your ferret if/when you decide to adopt. You'll love the little guy!

Ferret day care? Would you use it?

Ferret day care? Would you use it?

I don't think I would use ferret day care, I might feel differently if I was an adult with a job, super busy, had the money for it, etc. It is a nice idea. The only thing I wouldn't be sure about is if the ferrets would fight, you would have to be careful of that. And of course be sure they were all neutered/spayed and had their shots. Another concern is that since they can catch the flu, you wouldn't want one catching the flu from it's owner and passing it around at daycare or vice versa.

What I'd really prefer is somewhere I could meet ferret owners so I could find another ferret mine really gets along with so they could meet and play. I have a single ferret, so I'd like to meet people with ferrets to arrange play dates and such.

Leaving our ferret for 10 days?

Leaving our ferret for 10 days?

While ferrets do become attached to their owner's,it is possible to leave them for short periods of time without ill effects.Make sure that when yoo do leave,she has items that smell like you,like a dirty t-shirt...socks etc.Also make sure the the person who is going to watch her is aware of the dangers ferrets can face in a home i.e. holes in wlls,cupboards,washers and dryers they may crawl into,also any other pet in the home...especially dogs that may not be familiar with a ferret and may kill it thinking it is prey of some sort...cats also.

If the person to watch your fuzzy is able to keep a smilar schedule for playtimes,your little girl should be fine.Also remind the "sitter" to keep food and water available at all times.HOpe this helps a bit,Good luck and have fun on your vacation.

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