Universal Letter Writing Week on January, 2025: can you edit my letter? please?

Universal Letter Writing Week 2025. Read someone else's letters {Day 4 of Universal Letter

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can you edit my letter? please?

It's an excellent, well-written and error free letter.

Nice work.

has any one recived a letter from universal funds & trust saying u won a contest

has any one recived a letter from universal funds & trust saying u won a contest. i did and i need help?

I think it is a scam. You could just forget it or, you could cash the check for $2480, keep it and write UF&T telling them that you lost the money in a pool game and if they send you the $42000 you will send back the $2200.

Let me tell you what happened to me. I was contacted by a Chemical Company in Japan wanting me to be an accounts recievable agent for them and I told them I would. What I was supposed to do was cash a check from whatever source, send the money to someone else minus 10% for my commission. Lo and behold in a few days I did get a check for $65,800. I was to deposit that in my bank checking account and when the check cleared I was to send it on minus my commission of $6,580. I have no doubt that the check was good as gold.

Here's the problem. If I deposited the $65,800 and sent on the $59,220, I would have made $6,580 profit. However I would have had to pay income tax on the $65,800. At say 30% income tax, I would have not only lost the $6,580 but would also have to pay an additional $13,160. The chemical company would have gotten their money, the customer would have paid the bill and I would have got stuck big time.

There is an old saying, " If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Meaning that there could be a legetimate deal out there, but you will probably go broke trying to find it.

Oh, I still have the check, but it is no good now.

I am telling this because it is true and to warn the other readers out there. Be careful. There might be a silver lining behind a cloud, but not every cloud.

Tokio Hotel Family: Fan Letters?

Tokio Hotel Family: Fan Letters?

Hey girl! :-)

That is a wonderful idea...that's the least we can do for them!

I've always wanted to write them a letter but always forgot, haha.

We could maybe have a special "TH FAMILY" signature on all of our letters so they see that they're music has brought us together. <3

Or even better, if everyone was willing to do it, we could all send our letters to one person from the family (i could do it!); then that person puts the letters together and sends them to TH in a giant envelope.

Now that would be amazing! 8-)


Haha, you bad girl.

Funny how i'm the one giving the address to you again. lol

Tokio Hotel

Universal Music Entertainment GmbH

Stralauer Allee 1

10245 Berlin


Also on this date Wednesday, January 1, 2025...