Universal Human Rights Month on December, 2024: What`s your idea about human rights?

December, 2024 is Universal Human Rights Month 2024. What It Means to Be Human‎ We Are All Human; It's Time To Defend Global Human Rights

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What`s your idea about human rights?

Human Rights - upholding of these is what makes us a civilised human instaed of a wild beast

RISALE-E HUQOOQ - The Testament of Rights

This extremely valuable treatise was from Imam Zain al-Abideen, the great-grandson and spiritual heir of the Blessed One SAW. This epistle describes the rights of man in society. It accounts for over fifty circumstance by which the believer is obligated to observe the rights of others. To mention just a few, it starts with:

-the rights of man toward Allah,

-the rights of prayers,

-the rights of self and the rights of the parts of one's own body.

It goes on to enlist:

-The rights of women towards men,

-the rights of men toward women.

It reminds one towards:

-The rights of children to their parents and elders,

-the rights of parents and elders to their children.


-The rights of students towards their teachers,

-the rights of the teachers towards their students.


-The rights of neighbors,

-the rights of friends

-the rights of adversaries and foes!

It is evident that this epistle contains such wealth of ethical conduct that if followed, it would make any ordinary human being into a saint. Even if one does not aspire to become a saint, it would certainly foster tolerance and harinony with the self and the society.

Islam has such spiritual gems, if only Muslims stopped acting on sectarian lines and started drinking from the fountain of spiritual knowledge.

In a secular setting, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10, 1948, is an example of progressive achievement of the human race. It is a shame that Muslims were unable to build upon the spiritual teachings of Islam...

Until that day, that we Muslims come forward and unequivocally denounce and condemn the butchering and spillage of pure blood on the 10th of Muharram, the looting of the women form the family of the Blessed Prophet SAW...until that time we have NO MORAL BASIS to complain to the world if our rights are being trampled upon...what was the crime of the six-month old babe..with the parched mouth and tongue...so many defenders of Yazid and so few for the grandson of the Blessed Prophet SAW...where the Muslim moral conciousness

“Insaan ko bedaar to ho lene do,

har qaum pukaraygi hamare hain Hussain”

---- Josh Malihabadi

Let humanity awaken from its slumber

every tribe will proclaim Hussain as their own.

human rights and uae?

human rights and uae?


please visit the link giving below to read about the UAE's view about Human Rights:

I do not understand why you are saying that HR has ruined most of the world's countries (?). Also why should HR have a backlash on the economy?

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s goal is to make countries incorporate the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in their national laws which are then binding for all 192 members of the UN. Also when certain countries will not adopt all declarations (like sexual orientation etc), it's a good thing to know that we live in a country which tries hard to improve the Human Rights and follow them.

Also treaties are made internationally and they are binding by the countries which signed them. The biggest humanitarian achievement of 2008 was the signing of the landmark cluster bomb treaty by 99 member-states to stop using cluster bombs in future conflicts. The rampant use of cluster bombs, during Iraq and Afghan wars and more recently in the case of the armed conflict between Georgia and Russia dramatically escalated the number of civilian casualties.

Please think about Gaza, Congo, Dafur, Somalia etc. The world needs an international working body to watch crises and bring to international justice.

I don't know if you ever heard of City of Hope in Dubai. I do not want to compare City of Hope with HR, but.......I have a friend who got married to a foreigner without getting permission from the Abu Dhabi authorities. She got detained on the spot when entering the UAE because her passport expired. Only after involving Citiy of Hope and Amnesty International it was possible to get her out of detention after 7 months.

There is just one thing I do not like about HR Watch. I know the UAE isn't perfect (like many other countries, too), but the UAE gets blaimed for many things that's done by foreigners. Especially: human trafficking and abusing the labor law. These things are mostly done by foreigners in ther home countries. Please think about the thousands of Indian and Pakistani workers who are cheated still in India/Pakistan by Indian/Pakistani recruiters. Many girls got lured into the UAE by their own nationals promising them a job and end of in prostitution. This list could go on and on.

Anyway, to make a long story short: In my opinion HR is a good institution, I am proud that the UAE is part of it and I do not think that taking care of human rights has any effect on the economy. Just the opposite.

Btw: Good question.

Take care.

What are all the human rights?

What are all the human rights?

That depends, the Taliban would say they gave human rights back to the Afghanistan.

It depends on what you mean by human rights and how you then go about defining them. Muslims have different sets of human rights, and whats more different Muslims interpret them differently. Just like the west.


Is it the right of a women to do what she wills with her body? The Right to self determination. But what happens when she chooses to become a prostitute is that her fulfilling a human right of hers, or is it more of a case of society exploiting her human right to dignity, by taking advantage of her poor situation.

What about when she has a baby in her stomach, can she get an abortion pro-life or pro-choice? if pro-choice, what difference is there between a women getting an abortion in the first 3 months, at 6 months, at 8months and 3 weeks before birth, and an hour after birth. Where does she end and the right of the child begin?

What determines her right to do with her body as she pleases and how far does it extend over the child's rights. Similarly you will have human rights that overlap on other humans own rights. Its more of a case of how you define the rights and where you draw the line that matter, as most human societies have the same universal rights, just interpret them radically differently.

P.S. human rights where a religious idea, that secularists took on board in the 20th century. Just so you know next time atheists say religion has never done anything good.

Also on this date Sunday, December 1, 2024...