Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month on December, 2024: Could I Use Complete Food To Replicate Hay For Chinchillas?

December, 2024 is Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month 2024.

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Could I Use Complete Food To Replicate Hay For Chinchillas?

As stated before, if you are allergic to the animal, then it's very selfish of you to want one in your home. You CANNOT replace their hay or dust baths with anything. They MUST have fresh timothy hay in their cage at all time. Alfalfa based food is no substitute. Alfalfa is high in protein and meant to be given as a treat or to bulk up thin animals. It makes them fat. They MUST HAVE TIMOTHY HAY!! There IS NO SUBSTITUTE!! The loose timothy hay works to grind the back teeth, which you can't replace. If they don't have this, they can develop tooth points and the roots can begin to put pressure on the brain and the eyes, which is not only uncomfortable and painful, but is expensive to fix via exotic vet treatments, and can be deadly if left untreated.

Also, they can't have fruits and vegetables. You will kill a chinchilla by feeding a lot of fruits and vegetables. They contain far too much sugars and moisture (they have a naturally dry diet and their digestive system has adapted for this). The high moisture content can cause bloat, which is incredibly painful for them, and can cause their death. They will also get diarrhea from the sugars and moistures, and can get diabetes from the sugar content.

Please be considerate that the animal you want has special needs that you cannot fulfil properly. By taking this animal, you're condemning it to a sub-standard living condition. Please be responsible and get an animal more suited to your condition. This wouldn't be fair for the animal to suffer because of you.

Why is it that sometimes doctors really don’t have a handle on common sense sometimes?

Why is it that sometimes doctors really don't have a handle on common sense sometimes?

Medical doctors are taught that all disease and conditions need to be addressed by drugs or surgery.

The average doctor receives less than 25 hours in nutrition throughout their 12 years of education.

Our system of care is actually disease care and is so far away from health care that most doctors are oblivious to common sense. They have been brain washed into thinking that we are deficient in the drugs they prescribe by the pharmaceutical companies. We have a name associated with most symptoms and we treat symptoms not the cause.

Most medical names have Latin or Greek roots. Diabetes Mellitus for example means that which passes through and honey. Passing excessive urine that tastes sweet. There is your symptom with a name.

Unfortunately for America we have forgotten to address the body as a whole.

Our food is 90% processed with chemicals even the FDA has not fully tested and then they tell us to take their drug, it's safe.

Fruits and vegetables are picked green before the nutrients have reached the flowering portion of the plant, they have virtually no nutritional value anymore as can be seen by eating a peach. It would take 53 peaches today to give you the nutritional value one would 40 years ago.

Even if you have a doctor trained in nutrition, most of America would choose a pill because of the wonderful way drug companies can market to us. TV, internet, magazines, etc.

Most Americans trust the white coat and can not think for themselves. If told they have 6 months to live less than 5% will live past the 6 months and still do nothing except what the doctor has told them.

I see this each and every day in my office. The average patient coming into my office is taking anywhere from 7-23 drugs and when I suggest they take back control of their health they want to "ASK THEIR DOCTOR"!

This is what frustrates complimentary doctors such as chiropractors, naturopaths, and homeopaths. We are the ones who practice with the whole body not just parts and while symptoms are important, we search and attempt to correct the cause.

This is one reason I have dedicated myself to helping as many people as I can by educating them on new technology that is currently being taught in medical schools but was not available to doctors until 1996. Unless doctors have gone back to read Ch 56 of Harper's Biochemistry most doctors are clueless how to help the body heal, repair, restore, cleanse, defend, and regenerate at the cellular level where life begins.

You have done well to help your wife in spite of the interference with traditional medicine professionals.

Congratulations on being able to think outside the box!

If you care to pursue your knowledge and ability to help your wife please feel free to contact me.

Information about Hedgehogs?

Information about Hedgehogs?

Adults weigh approximately 1 pound and are 4 to 6 inches in length. They are basically nocturnal animals that have gained popularity as exotic pets because of their small size and ease of care.

Hedgehogs belong to the taxonomic order Insectivora and have an extremely high metabolic rate. In their wild state, hedgehogs consume a variety of insects, worms, small vertebrates, small roots and plant material. We have developed our own brand of hedgehog food that we feed to all of our own hedgehogs. It is called Hedgie Quisine. We have one formula for hoglets and one formula for adults. Meal worms, crickets and small amounts of fruits and vegetables may be added sparingly. Insectivore diet made by Mazuri is a great supplement. Feeding pans should be low, flat and stable. Small amounts of fresh food should be available at all times. Water may be placed in low bowls but water bottles also work extremely well.

Hedgehogs do not require sophisticated housing. They can be housed in aquariums. They are usually housed in pairs or individually. Untreated wood shavings or aspen bedding can be used but should be changed frequently. Hedgehogs can be trained to use a litter box but dust-free litter should be used. A burrow consisting of sections of PVC pipe or wooden nest boxes should be provided for privacy.

The ideal temperature ranges from 70° to 90° F. All hedgehogs will hibernate when the environmental temperature drops below 65° F. In the wild, hedgehogs hibernate from November to March. Heat exhaustion can be a serious problem if proper shade or temperature controls are not provided.

Gestation ranges from 35 to 42 days with litter sizes of 2 to 6. Young hedgehogs can be weaned at 5 to 6 weeks and can begin breeding as early as 3 months of age.

An untamed hedgehog is very shy and will roll up and spike out his spines defensively. Frequent handling will gain trust and develop an inquisitive, likable pet.

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