National Tie Month on December, 2024: NEEED HELP NATIONAL GUARDS OR ACTIvE DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!?

December, 2024 is National Tie Month 2024. Happy National Tie Month! Happy National Tie Month! ties

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Here you go, the main differences:


Swear to CINC

1st to deploy

Full benefits while serving (medical, dental, life, etc.)

Full time job.

Pay isn't high, but you do not have certain costs (Rent, Food-for a while, etc)


Sword to CINC

Full Benefits WHILE DEPLOYED or ON ORDERS only

Service Requirement: 1 weekend a month/ 2 weeks a year minimum


Sworn to State Governor

Primary Duty involves state service, but some units have ties to federal service as well.

Full Benefits WHILE DEPLOYED or ON ORDERS only

Service Requirement: 1 weekend a month/ 2 weeks a year minimum


These are rough descriptions. Also, this information is from the Air National Guard/ Air Reserve/USAF angle, Army units may be entirely different. But for a better description, talk to the recruiters. They are listed in the phone book, or go to their websites. But if you are fresh from college. I highly encourage you to go Active Duty first. If you are wanting to go to college, your state may have programs for you to finish college while serving in their National Guard. So make the calls and check.

how does the national guard tie in with domestic tranquility?

how does the national guard tie in with domestic tranquility?

Well this is really tricky and I'd suggest discussing the opposing views and pros and cons. National guard is meant to aid in "domestic tranquility" by being a means of defense against chaotic outbursts. However there hasn't been any call to use them on protests ever from what I can tell. If you remember the ice storm on the highway a few years back they were used to rescue people trapped in cars before they froze to death. That was positive.

Here is the dark side, in the event a population wants to rise up against a corrupt and over reaching government there is the the threat that their brothers and sisters in uniforms will be ordered to shoot them dead. So it ties into the whole big brother idea (look that up) where they are protecting us from ourselves because we the people can't possibly know whats in our best interest. Or at least thats what they want us to believe.

Police forces in Canada and the USA are currently being upgraded and militarized. There are rumors they may put poor people in prison camps next time the markets dip and the economy take a nose dive... in a matter of months.

question the purpose of this project... is it to teach you something? Or is it a superficial ploy to make you worship the military and government.

Hope that helps.

MEPS for the national guard?

MEPS for the national guard?


Also known as a "public trust" clearance, this is the simplest security clearance to get. This level typically requires a few weeks to a few months of investigation. A Confidential clearance requires a NACLC investigation which dates back 7 years on the person's record and must be renewed (with another investigation) every 15 years. Applicants are required to complete federal Standard Form 85P ([7])

[edit] Secret

A Secret clearance, also known as Collateral Secret or Ordinary Secret, requires a few months to a year to fully investigate, depending on the individual's background. Some instances wherein individuals would take longer than normal to be investigated are many past residences, having residences in foreign countries, having relatives outside the United States, or significant ties with non-US citizens. Bankruptcy and unpaid bills as well as criminal charges will more than likely disqualify an applicant for approval. Poor financial history is the number-one cause of rejection, and foreign activities and criminal record are also common causes for disqualification. A Secret clearance requires a National Agency Check, a Local Agency Check, and a Credit investigation; it must also be reinvestigated every 10 years.[citation needed] Investigative requirements for DoD clearances, which apply to most civilian contractor situations, are contained in the Personnel Security Program issuance known as DoD Regulation 5200-R, at part C3.4.2

[edit] Top Secret

Top Secret is a more stringent clearance. A Top Secret, or "TS", clearance, is often given as the result of a Single Scope Background Investigation, or SSBI. Top Secret clearances, in general, afford one access to data that affects national security, counterterrorism/counterintelligence, or other highly sensitive data. There are far fewer individuals with TS clearances than Secret clearances.[citation needed] A TS clearance can take as few as 3–6 months to obtain, but more often takes 6–18 months, while sometimes taking up to 3 years to obtain.[citation needed] The SSBI must be renewed every 5 years.

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