Safe Toys and Gifts Month on December, 2024: Good Baby Gift Idea for Christmas?

December, 2024 is Safe Toys and Gifts Month 2024. Cat Toy Safety Safe Toys and Gifts Month is

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Good Baby Gift Idea for Christmas?

Do you have any other siblings that would go in on a gift with you? If so, I recommend the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo ~$70.

Something in your price range that would be useful is a booster seat (can be used from first solids until 2-3 years old). They can skip the bulky high chair and just strap a booster to one of their kitchen chairs. Here's a great one:

Is there a certain awareness cause every month?

Is there a certain awareness cause every month?


Birth Defects Prevention Month

Cataract Awareness Month

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Family Fit Lifestyle Month

Financial Wellness Month

Glaucoma Awareness Month

Healthy Weight Awareness Month


African-American History Month

Children’s Dental Health Month

Ethnic Equality Month

Heart Month


Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Gender Equality Month

Kidney Month

Mental Retardation Awareness Month

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

Nutrition Month

Red Cross Month


Alcohol Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month

Cancer Control Month

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

Mathematics Education Month

Month Of The Young Child

Poetry Month

STDs Education And Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

World Habitat Awareness Month

Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

Poverty In America Awareness Month

Thyroid Awareness Month


Better Hearing And Speech Month

Better Sleep Month

Correct Posture Month

Creative Beginnings Month

Family Support Month

Hepatitis Awareness Month

High Blood Pressure Awareness Month

Mental Health Month

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Older Americans Month

Osteoporosis Prevention Month

Personal History Awareness Month

Stroke Awareness Month


Aphasia Awareness Month

Children’s Awareness Month

Gay And Lesbian Pride Month

International Men’s Month

Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month

People Skills Month

Rebuild Your Life Month

Rivers Month

Scleroderma Awareness Month

Student Safety Month

Vision Research Month


Eye Injury Prevention Month

Group B Strep Awareness Month

Purposeful Parenting Month

Recreation And Parks Month


Amblopia Awareness Month

Immunization Awareness Month

Psoriasis Awareness Month

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month


Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

Menopause Awareness Month

Organic Harvest Month

Pediculosis Prevention Month

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Self-Awareness Month

Self-Improvement Month

Sickle Cell Awareness Month


Adopt A Shelter Dog Mont

AIDS Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

Campaign For Healthier Babies Month

Dental Hygiene Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Prevention Month

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month

Vegetarian Awareness Month


Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Adoption Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month

Family Caregivers Month

Impotency Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Runaway Prevention Month

Pro-Life Month


Safe Toys & Gifts Awareness Month

I need gift ideas please help!?

I need gift ideas please help!?

2yrs 8mns

- Mega Blocks, ABC blocks and soft blocks. Legos pose a choking hazard so don't get those.

- Puzzles

- Bath toys

- Baby dolls

- Baby doll accessories such as strollers, carseats, carriers, outfits, diapers, bottles.

- Any kind of balls.

- Side walk chalk

- Bubbles, bubble wands, bubble guns, bubble mower and other bubble blowers.

- Kiddie pool

- Sprinkler

- Sand toys

- Toy cars such as hot wheel or matchbox. Tonka also sells them for younger kids that are safer for them.

- Books

- Coloring books, crayons, markers or colored pencils

- Finger paint

- Playdough

- Toy computers

9 month old

- Baby doll & accessories

- Soft toy trucks and cars

- Soft blocks or ABC blocks

- Toy phones

- Ride on & push toys

- Toy computers with the buttons that help teach words, colors and numbers.

- Shape sorter

- Bath toys

- Bottles and pacifiers

You can go to Walmart and other stores and look in the Fisher Price and Little Tike sections and the other baby sections and find toys for their ages. You can also look on the websites. Clothes, shoes and other things they need are usually welcome from the parents too. A basket with samples of baby products for the 9 month old, an outfit for either or shoes.

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