Tie Month on December, 2024: Tongue tied 4 month old?

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Tie Month

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Tongue tied 4 month old?

I was made fun of in school for talking too slow, and at 21 yrs old, I still get "tounge tied" and people ask me "what?" If there was a way that I wasn't tounge tied, I'd have it fixed before I could remember pain or have to re teach myself how to pronounce things correctly...

It's not as bad anymore though...

Some people can adapt to it though, like i did. Just emotional scars can still itch...


4 month old with a tounge tie?

4 month old with a tounge tie?

There has been a great deal of new information on tongue ties in the last few years, largely out of the breastfeeding medicine community. Speech is the least of the problems with tongue tie.

The first problem is breastfeeding. The baby uses the tongue to breastfeed properly. If the tongue doesn't have good mobility, the baby can't feed, or the mother is in such pain that *she* can't stand to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is a normal activity for a baby, and in some situations, limiting breastfeeding can affect whether the baby lives or dies. In this situation, it *just* affects the health of the baby and the mother for the rest of their lives.

Dentition is also affected. We use our tongues to sweep over our teeth after we eat to dislodge bits of food and clean our teeth. When this ability is limited, the individual is more prone to cavities and other oral health problems. We also use our tongues to swallow properly, so swallowing may be affected. And if swallowing is affected, it can also affect breathing, especially in the child's sleep.

With your desire to breastfeed, the baby's tongue should have been clipped within a day or two (at most) after birth. Both you and your baby have been done a real disservice by your doctors, who do not realize that breastfeeding is the norm, and necessary for baby's survival. it should not take a lot of research to get hold of some of the information, or you can just be proactive and find another doctor. Most La Leche League leaders and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants know one or two doctors in the community who will clip a tongue. And the earlier it is done, the easier it is for everyone.

12 weeks pregnant after tubes tied only 6 months ago?

12 weeks pregnant after tubes tied only 6 months ago?

Tubal sterilization procedures can fail , either very soon after the treatment or as long as 10+ years afterward. Failure rates, the reason for failure, and the timing of a failure all depend on the type of sterilization procedure and the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure.

Most procedures involve lifting the tube in the mid-portion and creating a loop. A slip-knot or noose-like knot is slipped over this loop of tube, and the knot is tied. Then a segment about half an inch long is removed from the tied-off portion of the tube. During the healing process, the two tubal ends are still held together until the stitch dissolves, which occurs in two to six weeks, depending on the type of stitch chosen. Once the stitch dissolves, the two cut ends separate. However, stitch breakdown may be delayed due to some unknown reason, enabling these two ends to grow together again where the segments have been cut and tied. The result is ,ironically,a functional tube!.

You sound happy enough about it anyway,and bless you for taking that stance on the situation.I have 4 children and do not necessarily plan to have more,But like you..I hate condoms,(it just feels too boyfriend/girlfriend,,between Man and wife who have been together for years lol!)..But should it ever happen...ce la vie lol!!

I wish you the very best of luck..Tell the hubby there are two house bricks waiting for his 'tubes' after this baby lol!! xxx

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