Submarine Day 2023 is on Friday, March 17, 2023: can airplanes and submarines be affordable one day?

Friday, March 17, 2023 is Submarine Day 2023.

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Submarine Day

How low… are you able to go? How low… are you able to go? If this involves Submarine Day, we imagine it’s pretty low.Surprisingly, the very first recorded submersible was built by Cornelius Drebbel in 1620 for James I of England, although why anybody may wish to plunge underneath the the surface of a 17th century Thames is beyond us.Today’s submarines have course much more sophisticated than that specific oar-powered contraption, getting performed major parts in military procedures for more than a hundred years. The quantity of expertise which goes to their design, construction, maintenance and operation is very staggering, particularly when you consider the inclusion of navigation and communication networks sensors, armaments and weaponry effective space systems not to mention, a lot of carefully trained and highly trained males and ladies, frequently putting their lives at risk for his or her nations.So today may take great shape: We are able to consider the resourcefulness and majesty from the mighty submarine itself. We are able to celebrate its place nowadays. We are able to imagine what they’ll end up like inside a hundred years’ time. But many importantly, we are able to take the time to consider individuals lost at ocean through the years, and pay tribute towards the courage of individuals who're underneath the sea waves only at that exact instant.

can airplanes and submarines be affordable one day?


Submarine Service question?

Submarine Service question?

Don't mean to be mean Mariner3, just blunt. But you have no idea what you are talking about!

While underway we can do communications while surfaced or at periscope depth.

Modern US submarines (I do not know about UK, but would not be suprised if it is the same), we do have something allot like e-mail, in fact that is what it is refered to as. A message can be sent to you on the boat, or from the boat out using the boats email address for that person, and to whatever the others email address is. Now that is how it is like e-mail you may know it as. For the guy on the boat, it is screened and put in a a buffer with all the other e-mails waiting to be sent. From the boat it goes shore side (not to the internet) but another buffer and is screened again before being transfered to the internet and sent out. Recieving an e-mail is the same process in reverse. Now using this requires the Submarine to transmit, not always in the subs best intrest. E-mail is always the lowest priorty for comms, operations comes first. Sometime e-mail can be sent very often, other times it can be weeks to months.

Now what Mariner refered to a short letter is called a Family Gram. A family member writes up a short 38 word message (leaving out the ands, it, if, is ect,,,) with the first word being the Reciepient name rank, and from who being last (40 words total). The submarine can recieve this passivley without transmitting, but the Sub can not do this in return.

The rule of thumb for me and my family, is if I'm underay, do not expect to hear from me, and if you do be gratefull you get that. The nature of the beast can change, doing e-mail no prob one day, to being a complete ghost the next.



Giving out information on submarines going out on day bobs; workups; trials; exercises; or deployments is not something that will every be discussed on the web especially Yahoo Answers. That is considered OPSEC (Operation Security) and if it is violated there can be serious ramifications, including loss of all communications to family members/friends.

Just because he hasn't called you doesn't mean anything. He will when he can and get used to not hearing from him for days, weeks and months because it will happen. There are going to be occasions where he will not be able to communicate with you for over 45 days. Also remember that if you email him everything you say in that email is read by squadron before it is sent, then by those who receive it including the XO before it will be allowed to be read by him. So this can be edited or even shut down completely if too much is said.

By the way USS does not stand for US Submarines it stands for United States Ship

ETA: AGAIN no one will give you that information on the web, it is considered secured information and not released to the public yet. He could be working late, they could have gone out, there is various situations possible. Unless you are authorized to know they will not give you any information.

Also on this date Friday, March 17, 2023...