Campfire Girls Day 2025 is on Monday, March 17, 2025: I really need help with this girl?

Monday, March 17, 2025 is Campfire Girls Day 2025.

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I really need help with this girl?

Trust me dude you want to stay away from girls like her. From what it sounds like she is just fucking you around; as in reeling you in because she likes the attention and then ignoring you whenever you get too close; as in beyond the friend zone. You should really look for a girl who is genuinely interested in you. As in a girl who doesn't fuck with your head by sending you mixed signals. You gotta get a girl who is straight down the line with what she wants. I know they're hard to find. But they are out there. And once you find one they are perfect girlfriend material.

What are some good scary ghost stories to tell around a campfire?

What are some good scary ghost stories to tell around a campfire?

One Day a man's car broke down so he called the RAA. They told him that it would take 3 days. So he Decided to go to the motel down the road. The person at the hotel gave him his keys and warned him never to go out of his room at 12:00 midnight so he took his bags and went up to his room, forgeting to ask why. So he went to sleep at 12:00 but he heard a noise coming from outside, he looked through the keyhole and saw a little girl wearing white skipping down the corridor, so he was about to go outside and tell her to go to her room. Then he remembered what the man at the lobby said. So he went to sleep. The Next day it was midnight when he was about to go to sleep and the same girl was there skipping down the corridor, but he didn't do anything and went to sleep.

The Next day when it was midnight he was getting ready to go to sleep, but he went to look through his key hole again but all he could see was red.

As he was about to leave the hotel next morning, he asked the man at the lobby why did u say not to go out of your room at midnight, and so the man told him, there once was a girl who died in the corridor and everyday she skips down the corridor at exactly 12:00 midnight as a ghost. She's white, and has red eyes.

As the man was leaving the hotel he realised something, when he could only see red on the third day, as he was looking at her, she was LOOKING AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps

Do you know any good spooky campfire/sleepover stories?

Do you know any good spooky campfire/sleepover stories?

Burnt Church

She was sophisticated, poised, and cultured. In retrospect, this should have made them suspicious. A teacher like her should be presiding over a girl’s school in London or New York, not seeking a position in a small town in Georgia. But at the time, they were too delighted by her application to ask any questions.

Dancing with the Devil

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life. Then her mother came in the house, looking pale and determined.

Death Waltz

Within an hour of my arrival at Fort Union, my new post, my best friend Johnny came to the barracks with a broad grin and a friendly clout on the shoulder. He'd hurried over as soon as he heard I had come, and we talked 'til sunset and beyond.

Devil on Washington Rock

The dream was so vivid, she didn't realize at first that it was a dream. The party was crowded, the guests cheerful, the food delicious. Then a rumor began to circulate among the guests. The Devil was coming to the party. The Devil was on the way.

Don't Sell My House

Life seemed perfect to Mark when the widower brought his new bride Lisa home to the lovely two-story cottage he had build for his deceased first wife Things were very happy for about a year, and Mark was ecstatic when he learned Lisa was expecting twins. The house was rather small for a double addition to the family, so Mark and Lisa put the cottage up for sale and started searching for a bigger house. That’s when the problems began.

Don't Turn on the Light

She commandeered the room in the basement of her dorm as soon as she realized she would have to pull an all-nighter in order to prepare for tomorrow’s final exam. Her roommate, Jenna, liked to get to bed early, so she packed up everything she thought she would need and went downstairs to study . . . and study . . . and study some more.

Express Train to Hell

For days, a ragged old man had hung around the Newark Central Station. The stationmaster kept running him off, but night after night he would return. He kept accosting people, shouting: "It's coming for me! It's coming!"...

Fatal Glass Eye

My friend Liverpool Jarge was a small man, wiry and tough, but soft-spoken. Jarge had one glass eye that was an ugly shade of blue which clashed something terrible with his real eye, which was brown. Then one day Jarge met up with a glassblower, a real artist, who make him a special red eye with a star.

Ghost Ship of Captain Sandovate

When Captain Don Sandovate voyaged from Spain to the New World in search of treasure, he found gold in abundance. But among his crew there were many sailors who did not wish to share the new-found wealth with the monarchs of Spain...

Girl in White

He was sulking a little, standing at the sidelines while all the other men danced with their pretty partners. His girl had not come to the dance that night. Her mother was ill, and so his girl had remained at her side. A fine pious act, he thought sourly, but it left him at loose ends.

Goblin of Easton

There was once a monk at the mission who loved money and power more than he loved God. He would hear the confession of the good folk who attended the mission, and then would blackmail them into giving him gold and silver to keep their darkest secrets.

Golden Hand

He never paid much attention to the neighbors living on his city block until the day the pretty middle-aged widow moved in two doors down from him. She was plump and dark with sparkling eyes, and she always wore dark gloves on her hands, even indoors.

The Handshake

Polly was the sweetest, prettiest girl in Goldsboro, yes sir. All the local boys were chasing her, and quite a number of the fellows from the surrounding countryside were too. All the girls were jealous of Polly ‘cause they did’t have no sweethearts to take them to the local dances. They all wanted Polly to choose her man so things could go back to normal. But Polly was picky. None of the local boys suited her, and neither did the fellows from the back country.

The Hook Excerpted from Spooky Campfire Tales retold by S.E. Schlesser

The reports had been on the radio all day, though she hadn't paid much attention to them. Some crazy man had escaped from the state asylum. They were calling him the Hook Man...

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