Subliminal Communications Month on September, 2024: My best friend has this awful "habit"?

September, 2024 is Subliminal Communications Month 2024.

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My best friend has this awful "habit"?

Dang! I always forget to see who I'm talking to! Anyway, I WOULD NOT ignore this issue, especially after five frickin' years, you know? If she wants to get aggressive and manipulative with you, dish it right the heck back out! What I mean is, take your friend to the side and say something like, "Hey, What's up? Look I wanted to ask you something but--honestly--I'm thinking you're gonna pitch a fit and severe our friendship...or do something irrational. (associate her potential reaction with the idea of being "irrational"...just a little subliminal communication there!) Say, "I've seriously been seein' you do this and that or whatever over the past couple months...[pause]...and, it's really like bothering me at little. I wondering, 'Well what the muck was she thinking when she said that?'" As friends, your friend should appreciate checkin attitudes here! Tell her you WANT to be friends, but that you DON'T want someone crashin' on you, either. Ask her if she's noticed her dumping on you as you have noticed? Be polite like you don't want a fight! REMEMBER, you want you and her to check 'tudes or whatever...and end up being friends, still, as a result! Tell her 12-, 13- months isn't a long time in the scheme of things and you two really need to connect on some level that's clear to the BOTH of you. Tell her you don't intend to have any guy stand in the way of your friendship with her. Five years is too long to turn your back to it. THAT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN! (you want to sound definitive, okay?) Good Luck, whatever you name is! I'll look next time...really, I will! See Ya!

Do you think my wife will accept my valentine gift?

Do you think my wife will accept my valentine gift?

We aren't fortunetellers,Junior. Be careful what the gift is, make sure it's not some 'subliminal message" like lingerie or anything she would not like. Have you tried writing her how you feel and explaining what it is you are doing to gain wisdom and insight on your own behavior? Have you seen a counselor? is she willing to even have a conversation about reuniting and what would have to happen to make that possible? Give those things a try, but I say go ahead and send the gift if you are sure it's not going to "say" something negative to her.

Having dreams every night about my boyfriend leaving me?

Having dreams every night about my boyfriend leaving me?

Kayla! It sounds like the prescriptions you have began taking are having a huge impact on you and causing you more problems than good. Sometimes as time passes certain medications do not work as well as they did when you first started taking them and this could be the cause. I don't know if you have had these insecurities before so it is difficult to tell whether the medicaions have stopped working properly or may be causing you new symptoms which sometimes also happens. You body and mind get use to things and often may try to resort back to old ways which if they were feelings of angst and worry your body may not see these as wrong. You need to talk to the doctor who prescribed your medications again and discuss these issues you are having. They are certified to identify what the root cause is. Sometimes if your life gets more stressful than normal or if your thinking about making changes in your life ( maybe your boyfriend and yourself have plans of getting more serious) these things can trigger regression back to the mechanisms which protect you from emotional harm. It is almost like a trick the mind can play to get you out of a situation it feels you may not be able to handle. Our mind knows that when we get scared often or not we retreat into ourselves or back to certain attitudes that no longer dwell in our present life. In my opinion this is what you are struggling with. Remind yourself each and every day all the positive things in your life like your caring boyfriend (Who might I add is such a strong, goodwilled, faithful man for condoling his understanding even if he may not completely know how you feel) that is a great man. Remind yourself that you are stronger than these things and little they are to be trying to influence your conscious with these subliminal ques. You need to wake up and say "Man that is not right and not at all the way my life is or will ever be." The dreams are warning you that you are overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe you have had negative past experiences in relationships or have seen unstable relationships in your past. It also sounds like you may put yourself down and be a little negative towards your own confidence. We all have these feelings and emotions. You are no different than anyone. When you are able to understand this it could very much be beneficial to you. "Flashbacks!" Well I know them oh too well myself. Sufferring from extreme flashbacks...oh they would make me feel as if I were back in time, not with reality. As if there was a time shift in my present living life. Quite intense and scary if I do say so myself. These triggers are from anxiety, stress and an overabundance of feelings and thoughts that are unnesesarily flooding your memory box. Sometimes we have a hard time determining the difference between what thoughts to keep and which to let go of because of a strong need to understand them. You are definately not alone. Based on the medications you are on and have been for sometime there is also a posibility I know you wish not to hear. Bipolar can often cause increased racing thoughts and increase the amount of anxiety or depression a person has. Based also on the fact you say, "I do not want to destroy this relationship " also says to me that you may have not had a lot of luck with positive healthy relationships which is also a part of the Bipolar reality. Not much is known on the subject because there are various new studies being taken into consideration. Lamictal is suppose to be very helpful. I would consider doing research on the subject and definately talk to your doctor about it. Recognizing the things that "trigger" you like the blonde hair or a name is VERY important. So you are one step ahead. Try to avoid those things or change the meaning to them. Find something positive about those things that make you smile and always think about that instead when you have those "flashback" feelings.

I really wish you great health and wellness. Keep faith and hope alive because you are one of many.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Best of Love and Luck!-

These r some sites which are very informative and may be helpful- just be sure to take them with a grain of salt and know only your doctor can really know for sure but some things you can do for yourself and on your own... such as research and positive thinking.

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