Sea Cadet Month on September, 2024: What is the Naval Sea Cadet Corps?

September, 2024 is Sea Cadet Month 2024. Northampton and Wellingborough Sea Cadets conduct "serious fun ... During the month the unit was

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What is the Naval Sea Cadet Corps?

The Naval Sea Cadet Corps train at many different places. At their local units they drill at their home locations ie: Navy bases, National Guard Armories, Schools, Reserve centers, etc. Drills vary from unit to unit, some 1 weekend a month, some one night each week (usually 7pm-9pm), some two weeknights per month and one weekend per month. It just depends on you local unit.

Training also takes place at boot camp which is between 9 days and two weeks. This is the first training that must be completed before the cadet can attend advanced training. Boot camp is held both in the summer and also during winter break. Following boot camp there is any number of advanced training that cadets can go to depending on their interests. The training is available all over the country at various bases.

There is a fee to join the minimum is $50.00 which covers the cadets insurance for the year, that money is sent in to National and then you child will be enrolled and issued an ID card. Some units also charge additional fees to cover uniforms and that varies from unit to unit.

Your best source of information for the exact fees is to contact your local unit. Either by contact info off of the pamphlet or from the national website. They will get someone in contact with you.

But feel free to email me if you'd like, with more specific questions. I was being rather generalized with my answers.

Sea Cadets?

Sea Cadets?

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How do colleges view the sea cadets?

How do colleges view the sea cadets?

Basicly, being in Sea Cadets is same as ROTC. Except the ROTC leads to a potential Army career, whereas the Sea Cadets leads to a Naval Career.

I'd recommend the Sea Cadets, especially if you like the water, and are more comfortable living in a ship with a galley, rather than living in a tent in the hot sand, eating boxed meals.

Colleges support both of them, and training received in both is good for your future.

If you are over age 17, sign up for a Naval Reserve program, you can earn extra pay each month for drilling, and get paid for two weeks "active duty" each summer.

This is how I paid my way through college long ago.

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