Shameless Promotion Month on September, 2024: Graham Staines and Dara

September, 2024 is Shameless Promotion Month 2024. Self-Promote or Disappear! It's Self-Promotion Month

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Graham Staines and Dara

These are powerful forces you are protesting against. Dont expect justice from corrupt/biased people.We are doomed as a nation with bad judges/politicians/relegious leaders.

Looking for some new country artists?

Looking for some new country artists?

There's some young signed artists, such as Suite Caroline, Ella Mae Bowen, Hunter Hayes, Veronica Ballestrini, though you might have heard of them. Also look for Youtube artists like Arabella Jones, Danielle Lowe, Lexie Hayden, Matt Roy, Mackenzie Morgan, Anna Craig, Alex Cartwright, Payton Rae, CJaye Lerose and me, Lex Rosenthal ;) Shameless self-promotion I guess, but I am looking to self-release an EP either next month or January if possible! :P

Does Folgers ground coffee keep fresh?

Does Folgers ground coffee keep fresh?

Coffee beans, once they are ground, don't stay perfectly fresh for more than a week. As soon as you grind the beans, essential oils and aromas from the beans begin dissipating in the air. Freezing them doesn't help either; in fact, a high-moisture area like your freezer can hurt the flavor of your coffee.

The best place to store coffee is a dry, airtight, light-proof container stored in your spice rack. After all, what is coffee if it's not a spice?

Anyway, the best thing to do is buy whole bean coffee, and invest in a burr coffee grinder. They're a little more expensive than blade grinders, but they provide a consistent grind and are easier to adjust. If you really can't afford that, buy freshly ground coffee in small quantities at the start of every week. You can buy beans from Starbucks by the 1/2 or 1/4 pound

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