Eat Chicken Month on September, 2024: Can I train a four month old dog not to eat chickens?

September, 2024 is Eat Chicken Month 2024. Lumberton, Mt. Laurel, Shamong NJ elder care Benefits of Eating Chicken

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Can I train a four month old dog not to eat chickens?

If he doesn't already have a record of chasing chickens you might be able to socialize him to them as Donna suggested. It's the same thing, really, as getting a dog to cohabit with cats peacefully.

A word of warning: it will be harder to teach a dog of a herding breed not to chase than, say, a toy breed. You can check for prey drive by seeing how passionately he goes after a ball. A dog that is nutzo for balls will be harder to condition not to chase chickens.

OTOH, I have high prey drive dogs and they weren't much interested the first time they met a chicken. But these are dogs who had already been conditioned with cats, rabbits, squirrels and other common animals.

Test your dog outside the pen first and see if he reacts to the hens inside. If not, you probably won't have a problem even without training. If he does show interest, give an interruption command like "leave it" then draw his attention back to you and reinforce. Talk to a local professional trainer for help. A basic obedience class will help with all issues, even those not covered in the class because it will help to teach your new dog to work cooperatively with the family and give him some constructive things to do with his energy.

My 8 month old Rottweiler ate a cooked chicken bone, meat and all. It was a chicken leg?

My 8 month old Rottweiler ate a cooked chicken bone, meat and all. It was a chicken leg?

If he was able to eat it down without any noticable problems, he will probably be just fine. He's probably already digested the bone, esp it being 3 days ago. Do keep in mind, every time a dog eats a cooked chicken bone, it's like playing russian roulette. They are much more dangerous because they can easily splinter and get stuck. Raw is much safer. Never knowingly give them cooked chicken bones if you can help it though.

I had a Rott that a family member gave KFC bones to many years ago. Unfortunately one of the bones lodged in the very back of his mouth. The bone was stuck in an upwards manner and it set up a terrible infection, under his eye, and in his mouth. Of course a vet trip and $400 later, he was fine.

We were very surprised because we NEVER gave our dogs cooked bones of any kind. The vet saved the chicken bone and showed it to us. We did a little further investigation, and found out my Step Grandmother, who lived next door, was the guilty party. Unbeknownst to us, she gave him a bowl of scraps with the chicken bones in it. Just be careful and don't let him near them again. Make sure all your family members know about the dangers of feeding cooked chicken bones.

ONLY EATING chicken and vegetables for a month?

ONLY EATING chicken and vegetables for a month?

Where are you getting calcium from? Vitamin D? Boneless, skinless chicken is good for protein but you need a little fat in your diet to keep your skin healthy. Add some olive oil to your veggies. Add a little whole grain too for balance.

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