Sandwich Generation Month on July, 2024: can i have some tips on attracting.?

July, 2024 is Sandwich Generation Month 2024. tree_icon(1).jpg Sandwich Generation Month

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can i have some tips on attracting...?

hmm, well have you thought about a party? I mean even if it isn't a party for or about anything but the food... put out 3+ items you want the kids to eat and go from there. You can even try pairing them.. like lets say meatloaf with a chocolate chip cookie. they only get the cookie if they eat the meatloaf. You can do this is small sizes too. Like cupcake wrappers work wonders here.

I am not sure if these are your kids, someone else's kids or like a daycare type thing that you are trying to get into old style food, but you could also try doing a card call.. Where you put the name of the dishes you want them to eat on a card and 1-2 times a week you let the kids draw a card out and they have to commit to at least try 1 bite of whatever it is. More times than not kids are just scared of the unknown.

I have 4 kids and my sons friends come over and have never heard of some of the things that are staples to me and my family and they know my rule is they have to at least try what we are having and if they absolutely hate it they can make themselves a sandwich, but only after trying it.

You could also do a swap where you get to pick a food and then the kids get to pick a food they want.. so lets say you pick a sheppards pie then they can pick a meal of their liking, but give them guidelines like it has to have a veggie, or be a beef meal, etc..

I have done a ton of parties, my family (whole family 20+) gets together almost monthly to visit and eat and the kids have to try what is fixed otherwise it is no dessert and more times than not they come back for seconds on things they weren't sure about.

Another way is to get them involved. Let them help you make the meal if that is possible. If you are a business owner you could try a kids bake hour or something and actually get kids involved that way.

Good luck whatever you try. Having 4 kids ages from 15 years to 18 months I know how hard it can be to get them to eat certain things.

Am I a sucker for buying luxury goods? What am I paying for?

Am I a sucker for buying luxury goods? What am I paying for?

It's mostly about what YOU think, not other people. Give it a try and shop at Target, H&M, and JcPenney for a month. Then the next month, buy expensive clothes and shop where you normally do. By the end of the 2 months, decide which one you like most and stick to it. That a should help you choose. It you like luxury, it's not your fault. But it's also okay to stick to simple and non-expensive things, too. Hope I helped.

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 or iPad 3?

Samsung Galaxy 10.1 or iPad 3?

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a great device, but it is a current generation device. It is a competitor to the iPad 2, not 3.

The real next-gen device you can buy right now is the Asus Transformer Prime. It's just terrific. Except for the antenna glitches - WiFi range is not near the top of the class, and the GPS is almost useless. The iPad 3 will be even more impressive though. When it comes out, the competition will be fiercer, and the prices will drop, but if you have to buy now, Asus is the top dog. Also, it comes with the new Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich.

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