Pet Travel and Safety Day 2022 is on Sunday, January 2, 2022: Moving and My Pet Chinchilla?

Sunday, January 2, 2022 is Pet Travel and Safety Day 2022. Colleen Paige Presents - National Pet Travel Safety Day Pet Travel Safety Day

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Moving and My Pet Chinchilla?

If you cannot travel with your chinchilla in air conditioning, then don't travel with your chinchilla. It's just that simple. This is summer. Heat in vehicles can easily exceed 90 - 95 degrees, even with the windows down. You will kill your chinchilla in those high of temperatures. Chinchillers will not help at the high of heat, other than for a few seconds, as they will cool off really fast. I saw on the other question you asked that people recommended leaving the windows down. This will not work. Chinchillas do not sweat, so all leaving the window down will do is cause them to have hot hair blown on them. It will not even remotely cool them. Taking your chin into the hotel at night is fine, you can use a small carrier, but the long haul must be air conditioned.

If you have to travel in the summer, and you cannot provide air conditioning for your chin, then you need to think about what's best for the animal. Your options are:

Air conditioned vehicle

Shipping via airplane

Finding someone to take the chin

I travel to shows and to deliver chins to people and air conditioning is always a concern. We keep the car so cool that we have to wear jackets. When we step out of the car in pants and sweatshirts, in 100 degree temperatures, people look at us like we've lost our minds. The chins, however, are our top priority and must be kept cool and comfortable.

It would be cruel to subject your chin to those kinds of temperatures. Dying from heat stroke is not pleasant and it isn't quick.

If you have more questions, or want more people who will back this up, please go to . If worse comes to worse and you need to place your chin somewhere, maybe someone there can help you.

Where to get a pet marmoset monkey in Newburgh NY?

Where to get a pet marmoset monkey in Newburgh NY?

It is illegal to keep a monkey as a pet in New York state. Furthermore, it's a very cruel thing to do.

It's a horrible idea to keep any monkey as a pet. There are quite a few reasons for this. They're sound reasons but they are hard to accept for people who really, really want a monkey (which in a way is understandable because they ARE fascinating and beautiful!). But facts are facts and people who genuinely care about animals (and their own safety!) have to accept that it is not in the best interest of a monkey to be kept as a pet.

It's NOT safe for people. Even small monkeys can be dangerous - marmosets are well known for becoming aggressive and unmanageable. They are wild, not domesticated animals (this is not a matter of whether they were captive bred or not - domestication is a biological process that takes place over hundreds of generations, and this simply has not happened with any monkey). Being wild, they have a tendency to be unpredictable - to ACT like wild animals - whether they have been trained or not. This happens more and more often as they grow older and when they start to approach adulthood - look out!

Life as a pet is not at all appropriate for any monkey. Monkeys are extremely social animals and being part of a social group is nearly as essential for their psychological well-being as having food or water or space to move around in. When people keep monkeys as pets, the monkeys are taken as infants from their mothers - years before they would naturally become independent. This is not just a little bit sad. It is scientifically proven that maternal deprivation can actually hinder proper brain development - and also that monkeys hand-reared by humans frequently (possibly always) develop severe psychological abnormalities that are sometimes impossible to correct in later life. No matter how much a person WANTS to be a good substitute for a monkey mother, it just does not work, and it has negative consequences for the monkey. Why would a person inflict that on another creature that they supposedly care about? It's really very selfish and yes - cruel.

To keep a monkey is very expensive. Marmosets live for many years (although many pet marmosets die early because they are not taken care of properly). Who can guarantee consistent, quality care for that kind of time span?

And on that note... consistent, quality care is in itself almost impossible for a pet owner to provide. Marmosets in the wild spend all day, every day travelling, climbing, leaping, foraging, grooming one another in a vast and complex tropical habitat. They need the right temperature, the right food, the right humidity, and without these things they can (and often do) develop serious health issues, like diabetes or metabolic bone disease. How is a person expected to provide all these things to a monkey living in their home?

Please don't believe the half-truths and full-on lies that people with an interest in keeping pet monkeys tend to spread around. They are all based on wilful ignorance, selfishness, and have nothing to do with genuine love of monkeys as amazing, intelligent wild animals. Monkeys deserve to have natural lives in the habitats that they have adapted to over thousands of years, and to make choices about their own lives. They are not little servants or dolls or toys, or even cats or dogs. Nobody wants to take any "rights" away from people concerning what they can or can not own - but monkeys are not THINGS that you should have a right to own! They are living, conscious, emotional wild animals. People need to learn how to respect this!

information on pet travel?

information on pet travel?

Well I'm unsure if there is a quarentine but i know going to the UK there is one. However it's really not worth it if it's only for 4days it's cheaper to kennel during the trip. You need a health certificate for sure that is in english and italian within 10 days of travel (both ways). The dog must be utd on shots and microchipped. It's really not worth it IMO based on how long your going. Also Italy not the safest but not the most dangerous. There is pickpocketing and you should always keep in mind where you are, where your staying and where you are going.

Also your vet should have information as for where to go to start if you decide that you MUST bring your dog on the 4day trip. Be sure your hotel will allow it and for the rest ask your vet.

To add** Not neccessarily yes a pet passport is req. pretty much to travel however a health certificate is required for the airlines and i didn't say there WAS a quarentine time the rules are always different and changeing thats why i said double check with your vet because they should have more information.

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