Science Fiction Day 2022 is on Sunday, January 2, 2022: Do you like science fiction or fantasy books?

Sunday, January 2, 2022 is Science Fiction Day 2022. It's Science Fiction Day! « Life in the Lost World a science fiction day at

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Science Fiction Day

We actually can’t blame you if you’ve never learned about Science Fiction Day, but within the last couple of years it is the most popular and different event marked on every sci-fi fan’s calendar. Even though this day is well known to be able to recognition your day Isaac Asimov was created, the truth is nobody (not really themself, as possible read in the memoirs) really understood the precise day's his birth!While Asimov was probably the most prominent sci-fi authors from the 20th century, fans usually prefer to show their thanks to Science Fiction Day by reading through books from authors for example Philip K. Dick or Kurt Vonnegut, but additionally by getting a film marathon. Films like Ridley Scott’s Alien, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 or, more lately, Garth Jennings’ The Hitchhiker’s Help guide to the Universe, are viewed one to another, causeing this to be the first day to keep in mind.

Do you like science fiction or fantasy books?

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror constitute the bulk of the fiction I have read since I was a teenager. (I am now 32.) I'm not sure why it appeals to me more than "realistic" fiction. I guess part of the pleasure of the reading experience, for me, is being transported into a different world.

Curiously, though, I have a hard time defining the sub-genres I prefer within these larger categories. I am not especially a fan of hard science fiction (e.g. Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, etc.). But I can't say I like space opera either. I am not especially into high fantasy, and my appreciation for J.R.R. Tolkien is more the exception than the rule.

With respect to science fiction, my preferences tend toward idea-driven authors like Ray Bradbury and Philip Dick. I also have a great love of comedy sci-fi, such as Douglas Adams and Alan Dean Foster.

One of my favorite fantasy writers is Charles De Lint. His books take place in the present day, but involve encounters with a world of magic taken from traditional folklore and mythology. I also greatly enjoy the Harry Potter series.

In terms of horror, I have long been a fan of Stephen King, but his works helped get me into earlier authors such as Richard Matheson, who has a unique ability for making the supernatural seem almost scientific.

No matter who I read, I like books with nice, well-written prose.

Science fiction slowly dying?

Science fiction slowly dying?

I think science fiction isn't progressing as fast as science is - it's getting harder for authors to stay ahead of technology.

And, today's person is more likely to accept that there are creatures and beings on other planets, and that other planets exist around other stars (we didn't have proof in the 50's and 60's, but now we do...)

And, entertainment is on a big cycle. You'll get a lot of cop shows, then that goes away, then a lot of doctor shows, and that passes also. Maybe we're just in a lull for sci fi.

A pity...

Has anyone noticed how there is a serious lack of substantial science fiction in our media these

Has anyone noticed how there is a serious lack of substantial science fiction in our media these days?

very true...modern technology has made many elements of true science-fiction almost obsolete now...and, since fewer people seem to read nowadays, their imaginative powers just ain't what they should be (it seems people want a story SHOWN to them instead of usin' their brain power)...

and science fiction movies and television programs seem intent on constantly re-imaginin' old themes (anudder reboot of 'star trek'????)...

books?...everyone seems to be hooked on fantasy stories...

i sadly and honestly don't think real, honest -to-gosh science fiction stories can amke a comeback...

Also on this date Sunday, January 2, 2022...