National Buffet Day 2022 is on Sunday, January 2, 2022: buffet rule would generate 4.7 billion per year?

Sunday, January 2, 2022 is National Buffet Day 2022.

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buffet rule would generate 4.7 billion per year?

I like my version of the Buffet Rule. Seizing ALL of Buffets assets and cash. Will not place a dent in the debt. But, it'd serve as a warning to Soros. Who should be next for such a Buffet Rule. Keep suchscum powerless and stripped of influence.

This Obama idea is just playing the jealousy card.

Poll: do you want to come to my party?

Poll: do you want to come to my party?

The day there is legitimately a National Justin Bieber day is the day I move to Britain.

Is Warren Buffet a Freemason?

Is Warren Buffet a Freemason?

Basically in the US we have the 1st amendment that allows the people to gather peaceably where and when we want.

As you Warren Buffet, well we also have the right to privacy and the only one who can answer you is Warren Buffet. If you get the chance to ask, I am sure he will answer you honestly. I have never met a Freemason who denied his membership.

As for the comment that how the country is run...well that can be taken many different ways. It could have been a reference to how things just keep going in government by hundreds o thousands of everyday people and it just works. The average citizen does not know how the government works in all things. Nobody really does have all that knowledge.

Actually Freemasonry cannot exist in a place where despotism or totalitarianism rules. If you look closely at the US Constitution and the constitutions of the Freemasons you wil see many common themes. Religious tolerance, human rights that are given by the Creator and man cannot deny.

In reality these days most politicians are not Freemasons, mainly because it is not politically expedient to be so and also i think they would have to hold themselves to a higher Standard that they are not willing to. Personally knowing what I know, I would much rather have a Freemason in a position of power withing the government then not, as I am sure they would be better at working for the people that elected them.

Also on this date Sunday, January 2, 2022...