Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day 2022 is on Sunday, January 2, 2022: Where did my cat have her kittens?

Sunday, January 2, 2022 is Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day 2022.

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Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day

Any cat owner will explain that felines consider themselves to become far, far better than us mere mortals. They most definitely feel titled and worthy of everything existence needs to offer, so why wouldn't you possess a Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Day only for them?Such as the greatly inferior human form of New Year’s Day, it's on valentine's day our feline buddies can feet (have it?) and think about the ‘mewness’ from the completely new season and every one of the purrfect options it holds. Possibly this is the entire year their people start providing them with food tinned food rather than dry? Maybe that tomcat nearby can make his move? Will the useless dog understand the cat rules within this house? Each one of these questions and much more could be considered by our furry kitties today when they start their normal business of searching aloof and disinterested. In the end, don’t you will know felines rule and dogs drool?

Where did my cat have her kittens?

It is possible that they have died, however lots of stray cats have kittens that survive and live on to have more stray kitties.

I had a similar cat a few years ago. She was an outdoor cat and had her kittens in a neighbors garage, the only reason i found them is because the neighbors heard the mewing.

If you are unable to find the kittens my suggestion would be to just leave food for mom, and make sure she is nourished as to give her new babies the best attention she can. If you do find the kittens i would try to get them spayed/neutered when the time is right. Take them to your local shelter if you can not afford this yourself. They can get adopted to warm loving homes and live happy healthy lives.

Good luck with your kitty!

My little boy cat (he’s a little over a year) is waking me up EVERY night at around 3:30.?

My little boy cat (he's a little over a year) is waking me up EVERY night at around 3:30.?

First realize that you cannot make a cat sleep when you do, but you can change their behavior. Many times in the morning they will meow like crazy because you get up and feed him, (hoping that will make him shut up) and go back to bed. They meow, then you get up and feed them, pet them or play--whatever you think they want. This is why they meow again later, because they know they will get a reaction from you. This is called conditioning. So, you need to stop reacting; just ignore it.

More info:

Felines are nocturnal, (naturally more active at night or early morning hours). They sleep a lot, (16 hours) mostly during the day. When dusk or dawn sets in, their instinct tells them to hunt. It is also the most productive time of the day to catch prey.

When you compare the cats sleeping habits and human sleeping habits, it’s actually no wonder when some felines are perfectly happy to wake us up at 3 am and ask for food or for entertainment. We probably don't appreciate it as much and it can become quite a strain when those early wake-ups happen regularly.

• Schedule a vigorous play session, (at least 15 minutes) before you go to sleep, then feed the cat. A cat that is all worn out from playing, and has a full belly will be less likely to bother you when you're asleep.

• Don't be tempted to get up and play with your cat in the middle of the night when it demands it. If you do, your cat will make a habit of it and won't understand when you suddenly refuse. Remember, consistance in your behavior will be more effective in changing their behavior.

• Don't feed your cat when it wakes you up, ignore it

• If ignoring doesn't work, invest in an automatic feeder that opens at the requested early time, the cat will help itself and won't bother you as much, or, if you're feeding dry food, fill up the bowl just before you go to bed, so that there is still plenty left for the morning

• Keep your bedroom door shut, so that your cat can't physically wake you up

• If it starts meowing and scratches the door, try to ignore it and don't react, after a while your cat will figure out that meowing doesn't help and it will retire

• Be aware that any reaction of you, positive or negative, will actually encourage your cat to go on with the attention seeking behavior

• Be strict!

Why won’t my new cat sit still or stop meowing?

Why won't my new cat sit still or stop meowing?

If you brought the neighbor's 1 year old child to live at your home, do you think that child would start crying? It doesn't recognize anything, it wouldn't recognize you. You aren't it's mommy or daddy the people it knows best. Would you think that baby would be upset, scared, want its own home and own parents?

That's exactly what your cat is going through. Cats are comforted by recognizing scents. There is not one scent in your home that it knows. It doesn't know who the heck you people are. It doesn't know what you want with it, any of the places to go for a private nap, She's scared silly.

You should keep her in one room let's say your bedroom with her food/water/litterbox/toys etc. Keep her there and let her get used to you and you start the process of letting her bond with you and trust you. Let her get comfortable with one room and feel safe. Read out loud to her which is what cat rescue people do. It is one step in letting the cat become used to the sound of your voice and that the owner of that voice doesn't mean any harm and that owner will give it treats, talk softly, pet it, brush it, play with it (great time for interactive play between you and the cat with a kitty teaser).

It can take days to weeks for a cat to settle into a new home. Now is the time for you to be patient and loving and reassuring because the cat is totally out of its element and it's up to you to provide the comfort and reassurances.

You can also use Recue Remedy and put drops in the cat's water to help calm it down. Pet supply stores carry it.

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