Pediatric Nurse Practioner Week on March, 2025: Are you a doctor.?

Pediatric Nurse Practioner Week 2025. DNP Online Degree Program‎ Ideal for Busy Nurses. Earn Your Doctor of Nursing Practice Online.

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Are you a doctor.....................................?

4th yr medical student....will be a doc in 6 months...hope I qualify :)

1. I like to help people...I know it's cliche but I do

2. I like scrubs and pumas not shirts and ties (ER is my thing so no private office for me)

3. I like the fact that my job will NEVER be mastered..there is always something to be learned

4. It is a team effort...esp in the ED (emergency department I get to work with, teach, and learn from every specialty across the board b/c the consult our patients in the ED.

5. I like to be the person that people look to when the game is on the line...I was like that in sports and am like that in medicine

6. I majored in marketing as long with chemistry...I am not cut out for business or sales....mainly because I cannot push a product I don't believe in and hate working for people that are not smarter than me.....not in an arrogant way...but in medicine you are always around people that, although equally trained as I am, have 25 yrs of clinical experience and can do what I do in an hour in 25 inutes...just as I hope I will be at that stage in my career

7. I like to set my own one in my family is a Doc...I only have one nurse practioner in my family. No one else is medical.

8. I am self actualized and know that while I am more formally educated than 99.9% of the population, I can learn from everyone...I had a mechanic give me a great rundown on how to flush my ower steering fluid....I have parked my ego and asked him if he wouldn't mind waiting until I arrived to show me how to do it.

9. I will make a great salary...many specialties make more...some less..but I like stability and Emergency medicine is usually three, twelve hr shifts per week...I like my free time.

10. Medicine is an academic when I say "Hey i'm learning russian" people usually say "wow that's great go get em" vs "why do you want to do that for."

11. Medical people are solution oriented, they don't live in the problem or assign blame.....they are trying to get out of the hole they fell in while others demand to know how they got there and whos fault it is.

12. Medicine gives me an opportunity to be amongst my community...I can get a permit and set up a table on the beach and take folks BP, body mass index, listen to their heart and lungs, measure glucose and council them on whatever abnormalities I may find.

13. It is a profession where listening is MUCHHHHH more important that talking. You have to learn to say "I don't know", and park your can't slick talk or BS your way out of things like law or sales (no offense) humbles everyone and makes you a more secure person when you see that you wil learn everytime you admit to not knowing something (you almost begin to welcome it after awhile), and someone who does know how will have your back to teach you so the pt gets the best outcome.

14. You see things NO ONE else would ever get to see and almost feel bad about telling people how cool your day did your day go..."my boss made me file another TPS report" bout you? "I ran up ten flights of stairs to greet a lifeflight helicopter with a 3yr near drowning victim..we were able to stabilize her using an advanced airway and PALS (pediatric advanced life support) and she's going to make a full recovery." just start saying.."I had a good one" b/c you make others feel bad with all the neat stuff you get to do all day (just being honest not to put anyone down)

15. It is a profession that incorporates ancient techniques and modern techniques in an amzing one exam I may use the newest nuclear medicine imaging modalities to diagnose an the next I may say "let's have a look" and palpate the abdomen in the lower right quadrant just as the romans and egyptians did before me to diagnose a good old appendicitis.

16. It is a fraternity...nurses, docs, PAs, MAs, office managers, police officers, firefighters EMS (special love for these men and women), social workers, spiritual councilers....there's a bond there and I hold these folks in the highest regard...they are society at its finest.

17. I could go on the last and most profound reason is the following: There is simply no repayment, of any kind that compares to telling a mother who is screaming in the hall in a way that I hope no one ever has to hear, crying and having to be restrained from tearing down the doors of the trauma room that her child is going to be just fine......there's a look on her face, a tightness in her hug....something that transcends all of the politics, and money, and BS that we place on a pedastool outside of the hospital and it makes me want to be the best physician that I can possibly be.

Will my son eventually catch up?

Will my son eventually catch up?

My 2 kids were way different.

My 1st:

at birth: 9 lb, 14 oz., 14 in. head & chest, 22 in.

at 4 months: 18 lbs., was wearing 9/12 month clothing.

at 1 yr: 32 lbs., was wearing 2T clothing.

at 2 yr: 37 lbs, 36 in. tall

My 2nd:

at birth: 9 lb, 12 oz., 15 in. head & chest, 22 in.

at 4 mos: 11 lb.

at 11 months: 20 lbs, 6 oz., is still in 3/6 and some 6/9 month clothing.

They both are fed healthy and often, I didn't do anything different between the two. But, one is much smaller than the other. He's a talker, though! My kids are very active, and don't nap often but do sleep through the night. The one thing I did do differently with my 2nd is I did not let him have a bottle at night, and I breastfed him longer (still do once-twice a day). My 1st stopped breastfeeding at abotu 4-5 months, and I let him have a bottle at night. My 2nd still feeds once or twice a day, depending on his "neediness." He is weaning himself. My husband and I are both different, my husband is about 5'10 and is stocky ("built like a bulldog") not fat but very muscular and broad shoulders, etc. I am 5'3 (barely) and before pregnancy weighed 124 lbs. There's just a difference with my kids and your husband needs to learn that what you said, he won't always be what he expects him to be. He's just smaller like you. He will be OK. While thinking about it, my little brother was always small, and now he's taller than everyone at almost 6' (if he isnt already). He just turned 18 in December. So just remember everyone is different!

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