Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month on September, 2024: Did you know Sept is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

September, 2024 is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month 2024. Cancer Awareness Months Making Prevention & Care a Priority Every Day of the Year - Learn More

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Did you know Sept is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

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Can children get cancer?

Can children get cancer?

No one is safe from cancer, including newborn babies. My son has a rare abdominal childhood cancer that predominately strikes boys and young adults. It is a devastating disease that affects the entire family. He is a teenager so understands all the treatment and what it means to have this disease. Prior to being diagnosed he was a perfectly healthy normal and athletic Junior in high school . . there was no warning whatsoever that he had cancer. He had a well physical to play basketball in December . . found perfectly healthy . . and by the first of March he had multiple abdominal tumors (some the size of volleyballs) . . that's how fast it was. It wasn't until a few weeks before diagnosis that he had any type of symptom at all . . and that was weight gain even though he was practicing hard every day. He went up two pant sizes in a month because his belly was filling with tumors and fluid . . but we didn't know.

Harder for us is to see all the small children and babies with cancer. He is seen by a pediatric oncology cancer center. We just returned from a major facility and met many young parents who had children with cancer. It is heart wrenching because these little ones do not know what is happening to them. They play just like normal kids do but they are so sick.

Childhood cancer is so devastating I cannot even begin to tell you what it is like. Why the government is cutting funding for childhood cancer research is . . . a crime . .

Support Childhood Cancer Research

NCI: Pediatric Cancer

Not all stories about childhood cancer is bleak . . there are many more survivors than there ever was in the past. Children are able to withstand heavier treatment than adults and bounce back quicker. It is still a devastating disease to face, but there are many courageous and beautiful kids facing this daily.

Video: Childhood Cancer Awareness - Support Research

toddler costumes (boys)?

toddler costumes (boys)?

My son was a monkey ( - my niece used a similar costume and added a pink tutu & a barrette to make her a girl monkey-ballerina; then he was a frog (so cute, from Babies R Us); this year he will be a bat (

St Jude Children's Research Hospital has adorable (and reasonably priced!) toddler costumes in their online gift shop (lion, pumpkin and bee)...the bee is my personal favorite!

My nieces (both 3) have been: pumpkins, girl monkey-ballerina, minnie mouse, sweet pea, bunny, princesses.

I also have to send the link to the adorable "Sam" Halloween bear on St. Jude's site

- it's reasonable in price and very cute for little ones. It's named in honor of a beautiful boy who lost his battle with an inoperable brain tumor back in February. I had to mention this as September is National Pediatric Cancer Awareness month....speaking of that, if you eat at Chili's, go on 9/29 when their profits go to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!!

Happy Halloween!

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...
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