No Housework Day 2021 is on Wednesday, April 7, 2021: is doing housework considered exercise?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 is No Housework Day 2021. Non-Domestic Mama: No Housework Day is Almost Here! No Housework Day is almost

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No Housework Day

The laundry is going to be all right within the basket until tomorrow.You have enough plates to depart the dish washing before the morning, this once.No House work Day may be the eventually annually you can easily relax, forget individuals daily chores and do absolutely other things rather. It’s an opportunity to indulge yourself without any guilt, no stress with no dusting.You can celebrate it just a little in a different way if you are not the one who normally will the house work, a good over only for right now to provide them with a rest? Or you possess a neighbour who’s less youthful because they were, what about offering to help with chores this No Housework Day?However you decide to celebrate, remember to sit down back and lift a (most probably dirty) glass towards the kind soul who invented it!

is doing housework considered exercise?

Hip Hop Housework

Hip Hop Housework

After a hard day at the office or school, the last thing on every

parent’s mind is housework. However, if done correctly, Hip Hop

Housework can be quite a workout. This article provides some

activities that both child and parent can do to make exercise fun

and get the house clean at the same time.

It is essential that you start with a general warm up. Music can

make the workout more fun and useful.


Digging gives your arms and legs a workout. It also develops

muscles in the shoulders, arms and biceps.

Waxing the Floor

Extend your torso and exaggerate circular arm movements.

Mowing the Lawn

Mow the lawn and walk fast to keep your heart rate up by making the

activity aerobic.

Rake and Twist

This movement works whether you are raking leaves or sweeping the

floor. The key is to take long, steady strokes, while turning at

the hips and raking or sweeping toward your body. Done this way,

your arms do not have to do all the work. Make sure you do this

exercise by sweeping both from left to right and from right to left.

Unload and Lift

Daily dishes are a great opportunity to stretch side and back

muscles. As you take dishes out of the dishwasher, turn your body

from side to side, allowing your hips and torso to twist while you

reach to put the clean dishes away on high and low shelves. To make

the most of this stretching exercise, put the dishes and silverware

away one at a time. Remember, the further the distance between your

dishwasher and your cupboards and drawers, the more exercise you

receive from this activity.

Washing the Windows

Concentrate on up and down movements using the back and shoulder


Laundry Toss

It is all in the spin of your hips! Turn the mundane task of laundry

into exercise for your abdominal, lower back, and hip muscles. Stand

about 10 to 15 feet away from the washing machine. Hold the dirty

laundry basket about waist height on your left side with the washing

machine on your right. Pick up pieces of the dirty, dry laundry and,

while turning at the hips, pitch the laundry into the open washer.

After you have mastered this, move on to pitching wet laundry (which

is heavier) from the washer into the dryer.


Use your hamstrings and quads and do squats and lunges while folding

and putting laundry away in drawers. Separate the piles of laundry

and make frequent trips up and down the stairs.

Cleaning and Washing the Floors and Countertops

As you clean floors and countertops, do arms circles clockwise and

counterclockwise. This is a great way to build up the chest,

shoulder, and arms.

Garbage and Grocery Resistance

Take out garbage and bring in the groceries quickly, doing bicep

curls and/or shoulder shrugs as you bring them into the house.

Organizing Fun!

Reorganizing your closet is a great way to make space and use your

arm, shoulder, and lattisimus dorsi muscles.

Stair Climbing

Stairs have more potential than just as an aerobic activity. They

are great to use for assisted pushups and triceps dips. For an extra

challenge, add a chair and try to have all the weight balanced in

the triceps.

Perfect Picture Posture

Remember to keep your back straight and not hunch over as you are

cleaning the sink, countertops or floors.

Exercise with housework can be done at any time of the day and is

great to break up the monotonous habit of simply cleaning. Family

bonding and fun will happen when the whole family works and

exercises together. Housework can help relieve stress by completing

a task and burning calories.

why is housework so tiring? it takes ALL day?

why is housework so tiring? it takes ALL day?

I used to clean the way you do and I felt like I was wasting my Saturdays. I read this tip on yahoo answers about a month ago and my house is always spotless now. What I do is set the alarm on my phone for 30 mins and I just start cleaning. Once the 30 mins are up, stop cleaning. The first time I ever did this I spent the 30 mins picking up stuff and cleaning the kitchen. By day 3 or 4 (1.5-2hrs, compared to my all day saturday marathons) my house was spotless. Now, I have it down to a science and don't necessarily need the 30 mins a day. When I first read that someone cleaned this way I thought it was lazy because they just stopped after 30 mins...then I tried it and it works for my house.

Laundry is kind of different, I will put a load in at the start of my 30 mins, but it obviously takes longer than 30 mins. So when that load is done, I will fold and put it away. I don't do all my laundry on Saturdays anymore. I spread it out throughout the week

Should I do my housework or play all day?

Should I do my housework or play all day?

Make the kids do the housework , play all day because you are already bored.

Also on this date April 7, 2021...