National Stop Bullying Month on October, 2024: Legal advice needed bullying and harassment at work?

October, 2024 is National Stop Bullying Month 2024. Stop Bullying Now Talk To Your Kids About Bullying Visit Our Website To Learn More

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Legal advice needed bullying and harassment at work?

Glad you never worked for me!

I was bullied, in one way or another, throughout my whole employment from the age of 16 until I retired at age 50. I dealt with it. There was no other choice, other than to give in - which I was not prepared to do - so I got on.

Life, and work, is hard. You learn to deal with it, you cope with it, or you give up and go under.

Obviously, you've chosen to go under, and to blame someone else for your failure.

Take a spelling course, get out there again, find another job and stop blaming others for your failure.

will running make my boobs stop growing?

will running make my boobs stop growing?

your 14 in june by the time you are 16 your boobs will be bigger then there`s and lads will look at you you are thats say a late developer some girls was like that when i was at school so dont worry and to the bullies if there is 2 of them and they start on you in front of anybody just say there`s the two ugly sisters jessy and joyce if this helps come back on to say how you got on anyway why do you have low self confidence when you was running for the nationals you should be so pround of yourself i`am so pround of you sending you warm wish`s and happy blessings hope this helps god bless

Do Fox viewers realise BUSH raised the National Debt more than all other Presidents combined?

Do Fox viewers realise BUSH raised the National Debt more than all other Presidents combined?

Good question...and very valid points made.

I've been trying to figure out the motivations of FAUX News owner, Australian Rupert Murdoch, who owns far too many American media venues for a foreign national. And how in the WORLD did the cult-evangelicals (such as Murdoch, Gingrich, Heritage Foundation, Paul Weyrich, "The Family" cult in Washington DC, etc.) gain so MUCH power in American government or politics to the detriment of our nation's well-being? [Goldberg, 2006; Schaefer, 2007; Sharlett, 2008]

I wonder how many people realize that President Obama has actually begun PAYING DOWN our deficit---so far, by $174 billion, which includes required INTEREST, from 12 of the 400 bailed out banks whose CEOs wanted to get out from under the Obama/Democrat-passed legislation restricting their greedy-gut salaries to no more than $500,000 a year (poor babies) and their bonuses to stock only (which means they had to perform well or get NO bonuses because the value of the stock would INCENTIVE for inspiring good business decisions, don't ya' think?). Bush ordered a brand new presidential helicopter fleet before leaving office---an order that President Obama canceled, saving taxpayers at least $61 billion. Cheney ordered 128 F-22 planes (planes built by Lockheed-Martin and Boeing for Cold War operations and way over-priced at $146.2 million (that's MILLION) PER PLANE!---an order that, on the recommendations of Republican-appointed Defense Secretary Robert Gates, President Obama cancelled, thus saving taxpayers whatever 128 x $146.2 million is (math is not my strong Another thing that people do not realize (and that FAUX News ignored) is that in his very first week in office President Obama did a politically brave thing that might make his administration seem like "big spenders" in the short-term but which, over the long-term months, will reveal that his administration is much much better than anyone realized: He ended the Bush/Cheney policy of keeping the war costs OFF THE BOOKS, which the Bush/Cheney team did to paint the failing economy prettier than was actually the case. And the amazing quality of this one act was that President Obama did not lay blame, but simply took action, knowing when he did so that the public might see the expanded budget figures as his administration's "overspending"---instead of truthfully expressing in the budget report the spending that had been going on since the two wars began. The AMAZING strength of character to be willing to appear in a negative light for a while by an uninformed public rather than point fingers of blame to the perpetrators in ways that would make the divisions which already exist between parties even worse is something I have NOT seen in a leader for....well, for YEARS! The man we chose to lead us to safety is politically BRAVE to a level I've never seen in a president, standing up to corporate bullies, China on trade deficit issues, Israel (risking the Jewish vote that no politician has ever been willing to do) for the unlawful building of settlements), the bankers and Wall Street with the re-regulations that will prevent meltdown-causing abuses in the future (again, not something I've seen ANY politician do), getting credit company owners and CEOs to agree (at a White House summit he initiated) to stop predatory fees and consumer-unfriendly practices---which is now law that takes effect February 1st...Our President is busy on our behalf, taking some very huge and sticky candy away from some very very spoiled and greedy-gut fatcat out-of-control billionaire corporate bully-babies even if this means their lobbyists that outnumber our elected representatives at least 20 to 1 just tear him apart with propaganda sweeps on venues like FAUX News, and President Obama is doing this brave thing to promote fairness for consumers (American people). I think he's great!

I'm really glad to see someone defend our president with the TRUTH for a change. How do we open the minds of his elephant-dung-fed would-be attackers? I'm still wrestling with this, but questions like yours help. I'd like to do more indepth research on Murdoch and the cult-evangelicals in control of the GOP to learn why they are so completely blinded to the truth and so very determined to undermine everything the Democrats or this potentially great President are trying to achieve for the American people and for our country.

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