National Chicken Month on September, 2024: Have the Democrat's Chickens come home to roost? Dems only please.?

September, 2024 is National Chicken Month 2024. > Vegetarian / Vegan > September Is National Chicken ... national chicken month

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Have the Democrat’s Chickens come home to roost? Dems only please.?

National, head to head polls taken 8 months before the election are meaningless. Look at how much has happened in just the past 2 months. The polls are very volatile. especially in upcoming primary states. Two weeks before the Texas primary Hillary was ahead of Obama by 16 points. On election day they were tied and the results reflected that. I'm sorry but you have no basis for the conclusion that the democrats have "self destructed".

Hey friends.... did you know that October is "National Chicken Month"..... My question to you is...

Hey friends.... did you know that October is "National Chicken Month"..... My question to you is.....?

Choke it probably.......

That's all I can do with it sweetheart......

What is the difference between "Naturally Raised Chicken" and "Organic Chicken"?

What is the difference between "Naturally Raised Chicken" and "Organic Chicken"?

Organically raised chickens are raised by strict guidelines of the USDA National Organic Program. All their food is one hundred percent organic with natural fertilizers and no additives and they are raised on the healthiest of land.

Naturally raised chickens are fed feed that is minimally processed with no preservatives, but not necessarily organic. And their food may not be necessarily healthy for them...

Both chickens are not given hormones or anything like that.

Can't really tell you which is better. I've had my share of organic chickens and was not impressed. The company claimed they would be "more meaty and more moist" but I found the chicken to be very dry and I cooked it the same way I cook regular chickens. But then again, it could've just been the brands I picked.

Good luck!

I'd like to add a few things... a chicken that is let out for five minutes in it's life to "chase grasshoppers" can be sold as a free-range bird. But there IS a difference between free-range and naturally raised chickens. It's really all about the feed and habitat. Contributor below me is correct in saying no chickens are given hormones HOWEVER chickens are given growth steroids. This I know for fact from experience working on chicken farms. Where it used to take months to raise a chicken to slaughter-size and then they were ready to be slaughtered in a six week time period suddenly... hmmmm...

Choose the naturally raised chicken. :)

Also on this date Sunday, September 1, 2024...
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