National Cherry Month on February, 2025: Does anyone know what some.?

February, 2025 is National Cherry Month 2025. Unusual February Holidays: Strange & VERY Weird February Observances! National Cherry Month

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Does anyone know what some...?

Long List of February Holidays and Special Days

Long list of holidays and special days celebrated in February 2009.

By popular request, here is a long list of all of the special days celebrated in February 2008. If you prefer, you can explore February's special days by date.

Month Long Observances

* February is American Heart Month

* February is American History Month

* February is Black History Month

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* February is Children's Dental Health Month

Check out my page for this special day!

* February is International Friendship Month

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* February is National Cherry Month

* February is National Embroidery Month

* February is National Grapefruit Month

* February is National Snack Food Month

* February is National Wild Bird Feeding Month

* February is Responsible Pet Owners' Month

February 1st

* Langston Hughes' Birthday

Born in Missouri in 1902.

* National Freedom Day

* Royal Canadian Mounted Police officially came into existence

In 1920.

* Super Bowl XLIII

February 2nd

* Bottle Cap Patented

* Dia de la Candelaria

Celebrated in Mexico.

* Groundhog Day

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February 3rd

* Elmo's Birthday

Sesame Street Character. Check out my page for this special day!

* The Day the Music Died

On this day in 1959, the plane crash claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson and the pilot, Roger Peterson.

February 4th

* Charles Lindbergh's Birthday

Born in 1902.

* Create a Vacuum Day

* Rosa Park's Birthday

Born in 1913.

February 5th

* Constitution Day in Mexico

* Disaster Day

* Hank Aaron's Birthday

Born in 1934.

* National Weatherperson's Day

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* Western Monarch Day

This day draws attention to migrating butterfly.

February 6th

* Babe Ruth's Birthday

Born in 1895.

* Monopoly Board Game Goes on Sale in Stores

In 1935.

* Waitangi Day

Celebrate in New Zealand.

Wild cherry trees and Cyanide?

Wild cherry trees and Cyanide?

That's interesting! I didn't realize that the cherry trees were toxic. There's an old National Geographic article about all the aborted foals in Kentucky several years ago, but they said it was from the catapillars that the horses possibly injested during pregnancy when grazing out in those lovely, green pastures. The catapillars live on the cherry trees that you'd see along the pastures back in KY and would drop off the trees and into the grass.

Makes you think again about having any fruit/nut/oak trees on your horse properties nowadays, doesn't it?

Army National Guard?

Army National Guard?

Deployment regularity is similar to reserve, but more consistent. in the way it happens. Reserve units are associated with active units, so folks get cherry picked out to fill active needs. The guard doesn't work like that. We have stand along divisions/brigades. So, we train & deploy with the people we know & trust. That's generally now, there's always exceptions. For the most part though you're going to have more notice about a call up & will share that burden with the unit, not just yourself.

As far as MOS, you don't get to choose that as an officer. You get to list your top 5 branch prefs, which they weigh in combination with your performance & open slots. They do pay attention to your degree & work experience (whole person approach), but ultimately it's needs of the service that determines where you'll go.

In order to get there, you need to commission of course. Direct commissions are rare outside specialized fields (medical, law, chaplain). So that probably means OCS for you. That couse is challenging, trust me on this, but very doable.

The traditional OCS program is run by each state. It consists of drills & AT, just like any other guard service, but this will be at a centralized facility (RTI). It beings with prep drills in Mar-May, then first AT (phase 1), followed by 12 months of wknd per month drills (phase 2), and finally one more AT in the second summer (phase 3). You'll then be processed & commissioned after you return from phase 3.

If you don't want to wait around through all that, you can request to attend an accelerated course. That's 8wks, but very intensive. We conduct one course in the winter (Jan-Mar), and two sessions over the summer.

If you're really committed to this, you can act quickly & get into this year's class. Otherwise you'll be looking at next year.

Msg me & I'll help you out finding the resources & understanding the process.

Also on this date Saturday, February 1, 2025...