Haitian Heritage Month on May, 2025: Why isn't there a white history month? Double Standard Much.?

May, 2025 is Haitian Heritage Month 2025.

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Why isn’t there a white history month? Double Standard Much...?


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And there's a double standard?

Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

Do you think having "Black History Month" helps or hinders race relations in America?

There are MANY commemorative months celebrated by this nation and/or used to raise awareness. I wonder why republicans take issue with ONLY this particular celebration.


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United States Navy sailors and Marines watching a dance performance in celebration of Black History Month

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Why do we have Black History Month?

Why do we have Black History Month?

It is the time of the year when African-American scholars and political leaders will re-echo the contributions African-Americans have made to the development of the United States and the world in general. In essence, this is time of the year when all blacks, be they African- Americans, Haitians, Liberians, Nigerians and all people of color need to reflect on their African heritage, culture and how far they have come in understanding the struggles and sacrifices others have made during the days of yesteryears in America.

When discussing the importance of Black History month, the legacy of slavery still holds a haunting place in our collective memory. For Africans residing in the Diaspora, especially those in America, this is an opportunity to understand the impact of slavery on the lives of African-Americans and how this experience has impacted their perceptions about the continent of Africa and its peoples.

The African experience in America is a duality, the negative attributes of slavery and its positive counterparts of human progress /development. Like any other human experience, there are conditions that entails negative and positive expressions - realities that continue to intrigue the minds of men. Conditions that appeared to be negative in nature might interestingly have positive manifestations which man fails to initially comprehend.

History, in my view, provides a story; a narration of human events, and the possibility to learn from the mistakes of others whose past activities continue to impact and sometimes influence human actions in contemporary times. A month to celebrate Black History in America, indeed, is a time to reflect on the contributions of Blacks to the advancement of human civilization. It also a time to promote events that disseminates information to American youth about the importance of the History of African-Americans. The story of African-Americans is a significant attribute of the American story. Blacks’ contributions have been exceedingly overlooked in American secondary school curriculum.


Also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...