Tennis Month on May, 2022: How can I train for tennis?

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How can I train for tennis?

Is there a tennis club in town or near your home? If so, get yourself over to it and begin taking lessons, preferably private and group, if you can do it financially. Tennis is a SKILL sport, which means that skill is very, very, important. If your skill level is significantly higher than all the rest of the kids at your school, being out of shape won't hurt you that much and you can still prevail - for the time being.

You need to get in the habit of playing or practicing six days a week. If you can't do that, then go to the club as many days a week as you can. Don't just take a lesson once or twice a week and expect everything to be great. Find other kids to hit with, call them or email them and ask them to meet you at the club for playing or practice.

Practice sets, practice matches, drills, casual hitting, doubles, whatever you can do to be hitting tennis balls and running around a little bit. You don't have to work like a slave; in fact, that's probably bad. Tennis should be fun, at least part of the time :-) An hour a day or half an hour a day is good to start with. You can increase the time when you get stronger. More important is to come out six days a week.

If another kid is a lot better than you, *don't* ask him to play. If you work hard on your game, someday he will probably ask YOU to hit someday. Until then, don't volunteer to hit with him unless he asks you or the coach tells you to.

If nobody's available to hit with, use the ball machine for a half hour or an hour. Learn how to use it; ask the pro's at the club to show you.

Another thing you can always do is work on the most important stroke in the game, the serve. Save your used balls until they're absolutely worthless. I used to save old coffee cans and use them as targets. If one can was too small a target, stack three in a triangle and make a bigger target. Great fun.

If you have access to a nice big wall near your home, that's always good practice

If you're badly out of shape, I suggest the Weight Watchers program. They're very nice and will teach you lots of things [knowledge is power] about food. It is priceless, what they give people. I lost about 40 lbs with Weight Watchers. You can, too, if you really want to, and you're willing to do what they tell you to.

If you want to join a fitness club, OK, just be careful not to hurt yourself. It's really *more* important to work on your racket-handling than doing long, laborious hours at a gym. High school tennis should be fun. If you play a lot of tennis, you will lose weight doing that!

Go for walks, if nothing else. Get a pedometer and have fun with that. If you feel like jogging a couple hundred yards and them let up and walk, that's good.

Here are links to three tennis-teaching organizations here in the U.S.

Get a copy of "Friend at Court 2010" from the USTA and first read "The Code" and then get started on Rules of Tennis. It's an excellent book with lots of information at a small price:

Join USTA and get their magazine, other benefits. Junior memberships don't cost very much.

If you get Tennis Channel, watch it as often as you can. ESPN2 also carries a lot of big professional matches.

Sportsmanship might not be #1, but it's way ahead of whatever is in 2nd place.

Best of luck, hope you have some fun with it, learn more, make a couple friends, and eventually win a few matches and/or tournaments

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you have a while before you'll age up if you're still 15, but i would recommend playing 18s. that way you know what you have to be able to beat. it also gives you a lot of time to qualify. ive played tennis for years, and i would say that 18s isnt really much harder than 16s so you should be fine.

Have been playing tennis for a few months?

Have been playing tennis for a few months?

Tennis is very difficult as a sport, and improvement does not come over night.There is also that improvement does not come in regular mode;it may be that you stagnate and after that see big improvement or the other way around.

It is very important that when you practice is high quality practice.To do that you have to have someone who is well versed in tennis.

Start with friendljy marches in your club, then club tournament etc.

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