Beat The Heat Month on February, 2025: Why do people bash the Heat for losing to the Lakers?

February, 2025 is Beat The Heat Month 2025. Beat the Heat Solar Screens offers cooler month products and ... Beat the Heat

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Why do people bash the Heat for losing to the Lakers?

Remember when Heat beat Lakers two months ago Heat Fans/Lakers Haters were bashing Kobe & The Lakers..and not having chris bosh in the game is an excuse seriously how come people didnt say anything when heat beat lakers without wade in january.

best ways to beat the heat-waves/mother nature’s wrath during the summer months?

best ways to beat the heat-waves/mother nature's wrath during the summer months?

keep some spray bottles of water in the fridge to mist yourself with when it gets really bad. take a cool bath/shower. sometimes it helps keep the house cool if you keep the windows and blinds closed until the hottest part of the day is over. as many fans as you can find room for will also help. avoid using the oven or stove (it'll heat up your stove)... make cold meals instead, like main-course salads, sandwiches... or grill outside.

Ectopic beats? Heat palpitation?

Ectopic beats? Heat palpitation?

I had SVT and got the surgery too last June. I still have extra beats or missed beats. It happens more on certain days, I don't know why. It could be MSG, caffeine, stress or really anything.

SVT in its whole is not dangerous and weird heart beats defiantly are not. Even normal people without heart problems get them, but we are more prone to them because we have had heart conditions and surgeries that messed around in our hearts. So don't worry! You can always ask for a heart monitor that you take home for a month. I did that.

Good luck!

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