Pet Owners Independence Day 2020 is on Saturday, April 18, 2020: Everything is a national something day, What is April 18th, 19th, 20th and July 10th?


Saturday, April 18, 2020 is Pet Owners Independence Day 2020. April 18) Today we're celebrating . . . Pet Owners Independence ... Pet Owners Independence Day

Pet Owners Independence Day

Frustrated of heading out to operate every single day to earn a crust, while your pet, cat, rabbit or budgie lounges throughout the house? Well, Pet Owners Independence Day aims to alter everything. The thought of this crazy holiday is the fact that we proprietors obtain a turn at laying around the carpet, while our fluffy buddies check out their talents within the place of work.Of course, there might be only a couple of disadvantages for this holiday… To begin with, will the typical family pet depend on going for a letter, not to mention a telephone call? For an additional, precisely how good is really a typical owner prone to prove at catching rodents, gnawing bones or keeping a itching publish in trim? Everything remains seen – but it’s a good idea, anyway, and really should add a little animal miracle towards the day!

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Everything is a national something day, What is April 18th, 19th, 20th and July 10th?

You need Chase's Calendar of Events

You might find a copy at your local library.

Apr 18,2009

Zimbabwe: Independence Day

Adult Autism Awareness Day

International Amateur Radio Day

National Auctioneers Day

Record Store Day

Teach Your Daughter To Volunteer Day

National Wildlife Week begins (Apr 18-26).

NAB 2009/National Broadcasters Convention begins at Las Vegas, NV (Apr 18-23). See

Apr 19, 2009

Pascha (Orthodox Easter Sunday)

Divine Mercy Sunday (Catholic)

1775: The Battle of Lexington and Concord

1943: Warsaw Ghetto Revolt

1989: Explosion on the USS Iowa

1995: Oklahoma City Bombing

Sierra Leone: National Holiday

Swaziland: King’s Birthday

Uruguay: Landing of the 33 Patriots Day

John Parker Day

National Hanging Out Day

Patriots’ Day in Florida

Administrative Professionals Week begins (Apr 19-25).

National Coin Week begins (Apr 19-25).

National Karaoke Week begins (Apr 19-25).

National Playground Safety Week begins (Apr 19-25).

National Volunteer Week begins (Apr 19-25).

Police Officers Who Gave Their Lives in the Line of Duty Week begins (Apr 19-25).

Sky Awareness Week begins (Apr 19-25).

Week of the Young Child begins (Apr 19-25).

WOC Nurse Week begins (Apr 19-25).

Apr 20, 2009

Boston Marathon—113th running.

London Book Fair begins (Apr 20-22).

World’s Biggest Fish Fry begins at Paris, TN (Apr 20-26).

Birth anniversary of Tito Puente, The King of the Mambo (1923-2000).

Happy Birthday! Carmen Electra, Nina Foch, Crispin Glover, Jessica Lange, Joey Lawrence, Don Mattingly, Shemar Moore, Ryan O’Neal, Pat Roberts, Steve Spurrier, John Paul Stevens

(April 20 is also Hitler's Birthday, Columbine Massacre Day, and Marijuana Day.)

July 10 Clerihew Day

July 10 National Piña Colada Day

And you might find one or two other interesting days here:

Apr 18 Pet Owner's Independence Day

July 10 Don't Step on a Bee Day

German Shorthaired Pointer owners...or anyone who truely knows?

German Shorthaired Pointer owners...or anyone who truely knows?

They can be more than just a handful for a small child would be my only real concern. (they are very strong, and I have the damaged wrist to prove it)

Pointers & Setters are independent hunters by nature, and that independence can really show up in their general personalities. They were bred to cover a lot of ground in a short period of of time, and if they get loose, boy can they cover a lot of ground!

I spent about half a day searching for one, only to find it "on point" inside the garage of all places. We decided that dog needed to have a beeper on even when just outside at the house. This sort of behavior comes "built in" with a GSP. When they go on point, it becomes your job to find them, not their job to respond to your calling.

Am I right for this pet?

Am I right for this pet?

Rats MIGHT be the right pet for you, but they do require more time and attention than many other rodents.

But you would NEED to get two or more. rats absolutely must be in pairs unless the owner has hours and hours to spend with them everyday. and it sounds like you don't. so please get two or more

30-60 minutes out of their cage a day would be fine, especially if they have a large cage. 2 cubed feet per rat is the minimum, but i'd try to aim for 3ft, especially if they won't have much time daily to explore. Also, considering your lifestyle, I'd opt for males. Males tend to be calmer and lazier, whereas females tend to be active and playful. both genders make wonderful companions, but males are generally satisfied with less out-of-cage time than females. many males i've had in the past, prefer to just lounge in their hammocks all day than be out and about, exploring and getting into things, but they should still be given the oppourtunity.

You also have to think about cage cleaning time. cages should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, more often if odour is a concern. depending on the size of the cage, cleaning can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes. but you could probably fit this in on weekends.

as for your other pets, i definitely would not let your terriers near the rats. terriers were originally bred to hunt rodents; it is in their instincts to kill rats.

cats and rats CAN be friends, but it is best to introduce them at an early age, and since your cats are already adults, i'd be very cautious. i introduced my cat, Bella, to my rats when she was a kitten, and they snuggle together now. but i don't trust my other adult cats with them. if you do decide to introduce them, MAKE SURE to supervise very closely, and be prepared for possible accidents.

Good luck with your new pets! They are the best <3

Also on this date Saturday, April 18, 2020...