Amateur Radio Day 2020 is on Saturday, April 18, 2020: What is the wavelength of the radio waves for a station broadcasting at 845 kilohertz?


Saturday, April 18, 2020 is Amateur Radio Day 2020. Maine Honors Hams on World Amateur Radio Day Amateur Radio operators in

Amateur Radio Day

Amateur Radio Day remembers the beginings from the IARU – the Worldwide Amateur Radio Union – in 1925. They're best recognised for his or her contribution to disaster relief employees in places that communications are little to non-existent.

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What is the wavelength of the radio waves for a station broadcasting at 845 kilohertz?

From my amateur radio days, 300 / Frequency in Megahertz. If you have Kilo hertz like you do, 300,000 / 845. This will give you the answer in meters. I get 355.03M. The 300 part is the speed of light which is the speed at which radio waves travel. Also thinking back they actually travel a bit slower then this, but it makes the math easy. If this is homework like I suspect it is you need to be using whatever formula the teacher told you to use.

Edit: Its not 160M. Remember that there is an inverse relation between frequency and wavelength. As one goes up, the other goes down. The 80M band sits at 3.5-4MHz. If you double the wavelength you need to halve the frequency. Double 80 to 160, and your now at 2MHz. You can double again and get to 320M, and your now at 1MHz. I said 355 which is close to 320M, and 845KHz is close to 1MHz. I stand by my answer.

is a Yaesu VX-2R a ham radio?

is a Yaesu VX-2R a ham radio?

Yes, the VX-2R is a handheld dual band(2m & 70cm) ham radio.

*No, you must have a valid FCC amateur radio license. Getting your license is fairy easy these days. A good site to learn more is

Amateur Radio License Delay?

Amateur Radio License Delay?

when you take the test, and pass it, you will receive a CSCE at that time. The VE must send the paperwork to the VEC.

SOMETIMES, in very rare occassions, the paperwork gets delayed, but this makes the VE team very unpopular.

Once the FCC has the info, they are pretty fast to get the license issued.

If you check the FCC web site, as soon as you have the call, you can start transmitting.

If you use for your info, it can be days behind (qrz is slow!).

Your paper license will be in your mail in a couple days.

(side note, when I was first licensed, it took 8 weeks to get my license).

Where are you testing??

Welcome to the group, ham radio has been fun for me for 35 years so far.

I am I am a fellow Eight Lander.

Also on this date Saturday, April 18, 2020...