Adult Autism Day 2020 is on Saturday, April 18, 2020: Helping adults with autism.?


Saturday, April 18, 2020 is Adult Autism Day 2020. Adults Autism‎ Retreats For Family And Kids Facing Illness. Dreams Do Come True!

Helping adults with autism.?

Some private and public school systems offers a transition program for students with Autism & other disabilities.

They are at the age where they will need to learn life skills before they graduate high school as a young adult, but because of their extended education plan they are allowed in a school setting until they are 21 years old.

They need someone to train them in daily living skills. The daily living skills could be cooking or cleaning. The students can work either in the school, or out in the community.

When the student is no longer to stay in a school setting then they usually go to adult services that is provided by a Human Service Agency. Some adults go to group homes, live with their family, or a care provider. The clients have the option to work with a job coach or go to a day vocational program.

I recommend either looking into a private or public school system with the young adults who are learning life or work skills. The other job would be to work with a human service agency that provides services for the clients.

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MMR and autism - update?

MMR and autism - update?

It happens within days, typically, but can be within a few weeks. The problem is that all vaccination sites contain poisons that stay there in the body even into adult hood. Many diseases are generated from these sites due to the poisons blocking energy flows in the body. In fact, many acupuncture people report of smelling anesthetics oozing from needle punctures just above the ear meridians from operations a person had years prior. Autism is just one disease that can be attributed to vaccinations. There are many more.

Polio is a good example of the vaccination insanity. Over 95% of all polio victims did not even know they had the disease. Only about 1-2% got the paralysis. The inventor of the vaccine, salk, admitted that more people got polio from the vaccinations than from the spread of the disease itself. When they got the disease, it felt like a cold or flu to them. The paralysis was due to VERY WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEMS.

There are many degrees of autism, just like polio, and the severity and increase in the autism rate has been accelerating to alarming rates now. We now know that 99% of all cancer comes from infections and because cancer and heart disease compete for the #1 spot of the disease most Americans die from, it only makes sense to not put more toxins into ones body.

Ask yourself, what does a vaccination do. It is supposed to make your immune system better, right? Why then are over 53% of ALL Americans chronically ill today with over 88 vaccinations are being given, when in 1905, only less than 5% were chronically ill, when only about 5 vaccinations were given. Then think about this --- In 1940, the average sperm count of Americans was 166 million sperm /dl. In 1990, just 50 years later, the count was reduced to 66 million per /dl. The curve is straight line downward. Over 17% of ALL american men cannot reproduce today due to this problem. It is now predicted that by the year 2015, the count will be at the 5 million per /dl. level! Since it takes about 5 million sperm / dl. to fertilize an egg, we won't have to worry about population explosion, it will be population emplosion. By 2020, it is predicted that there will be no Americans able to reproduce at this rate. Wouldn't it seem that if more vaccinations were truly making us more healthy, we would not be getting as sick as we are? Could it be the same people that are promoting chemotherapy as a cancer cure are promoting the vaccinations? When using a 5 year survival rate basis, only 2% to 3% of people given chemotherapy survive cancer. Does that sound like it's a good weapon for this disease?

You need to read the book, "The Sanctity of Human Blood" by Timothy O'Shea. It is a well written and documented book that includes researchers and medical people that oppose the vaccination that is being done.

At no time in history, has diseases been created at such an alarming rate as what is happening in America today. To read statistics that say that almost 100% of ALL Americans will be obese by 2015, is just scary, especially when you see more and more Americans headed in that direction and watch as that prediction unfolds.

To ignore the signs of vaccination problems as trivial or not valid, without understanding the motivations and looking at the real statistics, blindly. You need to free yourself from the lies you believe.

good luck to you and all of us

Anyone willing to answer some questions about autism??

Anyone willing to answer some questions about autism??

Autism is a lifelong neurological condition that people do not grow out of, although many people with autism learn to function well in society as they grow older. There are all different "levels" of autism; it is known as a spectrum. Many people with autism can drive, have successful careers, get married, have families, etc., although some will not.

Here is some additional information and information about teaching strategies, although each child is different and may not have all of these needs.

- Recognize your child's strengths and interests and use these as opportunities for education (for example, if your child is very interested in Star Wars, you can teach math problems about Star Wars, make cleaning up into a game about Jedi powers, etc.) You never know when an interest may turn into a possible career option for the future (I recently read a book written by a man with Asperger's who made his childhood interest in "The Wizard of Oz" into seveal job opportunities! ["Demystifying the Autistic Experience" by William Stillman"]) (Source #1)

- People with autism/Asperger's are often visual learners and learn well with pictures, charts, step-by-step written instructions, etc. (Source #1)

- Consider reading books by authors with Autism/Asperger's (while these are often geared towards adults, I think they offer valuable information) Authors to consider include Temple Grandin, Edgar R. Schneider, Jerry Newport, Stephen Shore, and William Stillman (Source #1)

- To motivate a child to use language, you could, for example if you know he wants juice, don't just give it to him becuase you know that's what he wants. Have him say, "juice," or if he is not ready for that yet, just the first sound of the word before you give him any juice. Gradually, very slowly, require him to say additional words such as, "want juice," then "want juice please," then "I want juice please, etc." before you give him the juice. Start with him requesting with one word for most of the things he wants (and keep this up for a long while), before starting to require sentences for any items. (Source #1)

- "Many children with autism are good at drawing, art and computer programming. These talent areas should be encouraged. I think there needs to be much more emphasis on developing the child's talents. Talents can be turned into skills that can be used for future employment." (Source #2)

- "Teaching generalization is often a problem for children with autism. To teach a child to generalize the principle of not running across the street, it must be taught in many different locations. If he is taught in only one location, the child will think that the rule only applies to one specific place." (Source #2)

- "I interpret language literally. It's very confusing for me when you say, 'Hold your horses, cowboy!' when what you really mean is 'Please stop running.'" (Source #3)

- "A visual schedule is extremely helpful as I move through my day. Like your day planner, it relieves me of the stress of having to remember what comes next, makes for smooth transitions between activities, and helps me manage my time and meet your expectations." (Source #3)

- "Try to identify what triggers my meltdowns. This is termed 'the antecedent.' Meltdowns, blowups, tantrums or whatever you want to call them are even more horrid for me than they are for you. They occur because one or more of my senses has gone into overload. If you can figure out why my meltdowns occur, they can be prevented." (Source #3)

- "Work to view my autism as a different ability rather than a disability. Look past what you may see as limitations and see the gifts autism has given me. I may not be good at eye contact or conversation, but have you noticed I don't lie, cheat at games, tattle on my classmates, or pass judgment on other people? ... I probably won't be the next Michael Jordan, but with my attention to fine detail and capacity for extraordinary focus, I might be the next Einstein. Or Mozart. Or Van Gogh. They had autism too." (Source #3)

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