Nothing Like A Dame Day 2020 is on Friday, April 17, 2020: Green Day involved with Illuminati?


Friday, April 17, 2020 is Nothing Like A Dame Day 2020. Nanaland: Nothing Like a Dame! Nothing Like a Dame!

Nothing Like A Dame Day

Nothing will probably inject just a little sunshine and gaudiness into someone’s day better than Nothing Like a Dame Day.This celebration of large, brash, smiling-through-the-discomfort ladies from the theatre, gives even individuals of the straight-laced character the chance to seize a boa, glue on some spidery lashes, and sashay like Carol Channing, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, or Ethel Merman.Individuals individuals who aren’t the dressing type might mark Nothing Like a Dame Day inside a more private way, by digging out Rogers and Hammerstein’s brashest work and getting a singalong to individuals large amounts from South Off-shore, which gave us the unsubtle joys of There's Nothing a Dame.In The Uk, where there's a lesser theatre tradition of brassy, ballsy dames, Nothing Beats Dame Day is more prone to celebrate their pantomime dame. These males, outfitted very unconvincingly as women, really are a comical staple of the family shows at The holiday season.

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Green Day involved with Illuminati?

Actually, most celebrities aren't part of the Illuminati. You may have an inaccurate understanding of what the Illuminati is.

Most singers and bands sign contracts with certain record companies and managers and what have you. If you ever get a chance to look at a musician's contract and manage to understand the legal terminology (Not many people do), you'd notice that 50% of what these musicians actually make goes to their managers, agents and record companies. The executives of these record labels make much more money then the stars themselves do. This is where the Illuminati lie. They hide in the shadows of politics and celebrities both.

Many of the celebrities performing don't have a clue of what they're part of. Rarely do the stars get to choreograph their own performances, I don't even think they get to choose their own wardrobe half the time. The Illuminati are the owners of the companies that choose what those celebrities, whom are bind to them by contracts, do. So if Green Day is involved in a music video with some occult meaning or symbolism, odds are there are as oblivious to this secret knowledge as the blind bats.

Very few of the celebrities that carrying out the symbolism are actually part of the Illuminati. Jay Z is, when Rock-A-Fella Records was bought by Def Jam Records, Jay Z ousted his two business partners, Dame and Biggs. The money to be made lies on a corporate level, which is where Jay Z is places with this record label. Def Jam Records parent company is Universal Music Group, which is owned by Universal Studio, which in turn is owned by an even bigger company called Vivendi. The Headquarters of Universal Music Group is in Rockefeller Center, New York.

The Rockefeller Bloodline is one of the top Illuminati families and is one of the wealthiest in the world. This family owns all the major oil companies and the Federal Reserve. The government does not own the banks, but this one family.

I know Beyonce wore that Baphomet shirt once, but that doesn't mean she had much of a choice on the matter. The contracts they sign in the music industry is sometimes borderline slavery.

Some people are starting to wake up and realize their is an Illuminati, but they often grasp the wrong concept. If you look up the Illuminati on youtube, 90% will show some artist in the music industry. The Illuminati are aware that people are waking up and flash their symbols all over the music world so people will get the wrong idea or become distracted, thinking the Illuminati is a bunch of celebrities, which is not the case.

It's much more complex then you think. When certain celebrities are quoted saying "I sold my soul to the devil", this is just a metaphor. The Illuminati are evil, the proof is what's going on the Middle East, they have control over commerce and certain politicians, which is what led to the war in the Middle East. So when someone "sold their soul", they didn't literally sign a blood contract with the devil, but the Illuminati. The Illuminati have more control over the physical world then the actual devil.

It's nearly common knowledge that the Illuminati worship the devil, so people make the connection that celebrities literally sell their soul. This is not the case. The Illuminati remain in the shadows, unseen by the public, because it's smart. They consider themselves the "Enlightened Ones", because ancient cultures worshiped the sun and considered considering it wise. Light became associated with intelligence. The Illuminati view Satan as the actual true god, because he coaxed Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, which is what gave people Intelligence. So the Illuminati worship the devil, but they're not the celebrities themselves.

Should I go to Notre Dame or Dartmouth?

Should I go to Notre Dame or Dartmouth?

I would go to ND. Dartmouth is really in the middle of nowhere. There is partying--if you call partying drinking allll day long (there's nothing else to do!) You might feel very isolated--in a bad way.

The social life at Notre Dame will be great. Sports games are so fun; there is a LOT of school spirit; and its academic reputation is basically equivalent to that of Dartmouth. Also, it is a better school for both engineering and business (especially business.)

Is Obama overshadowing and diminishing the Notre Dame graduating class?

Is Obama overshadowing and diminishing the Notre Dame graduating class?

Notre Dame was founded on the beliefs of the Catholic Church, and its primary mission is to teach the Catholic faith. By honoring Obama, it does just the opposite, implying to the faithful that a bedrock teaching is somehow up for grabs -- which it is not.

Catholics who argue against abortion, homosexual marriage, heterosexual cohabitation and other destroyers of culture and morality are told that unless they adjust to the "realities" of modern American life, the church will shrink and perhaps even die.

Conservatives are told that unless the Republican Party moves toward the political center in all things, it is doomed.

Both would do well to resist those temptations.

A church that makes a popularity contest of its doctrine serves the wrong master.

A political party that sells its principles to be like its rival serves only its rival.

Stand firm for what's right. o_O

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