Support Teen Literature Day 2020 is on Friday, April 17, 2020: When did the term Adolescent get replaced with Teen in modern speech and literature?


Friday, April 17, 2020 is Support Teen Literature Day 2020.

When did the term Adolescent get replaced with Teen in modern speech and literature?

The term teenager came into use in the early 50s. I know I was there!

they never used the word teen that came later it was always teenager.

the reason it was not used prior to then is because you were first a child and then a young person and then you were an adult. An adult was a person was generally over 16 years of age. You were expected to go to work and get a job and help support the rest of the family. All that changed with the end of WWII when there was so much wealth in North America and parents who had been young in the Great Depression tried to give their children all the things they didn't have.

This led to an extended period of adolescence for people. This has continued to this day. In my time you were an adult at 19 or 20. Now it seems you are not expected to take on adult responsiblities until you are at least 30.

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satan and evil cool?

satan and evil cool?

The easy answer is rebellion. Generally speaking, most kids, at some point in time, find soothing that goes completely against their parents wishes. Be it smoking, drinking, sex, drugs, hair style, body piercings, body art, music or religious icons.

Then there are the kids that have a good head on their shoulders and start thinking for themselves. Unfortunately, the lack of Non-Christian literature, and miss information perpetuated by Christian Fundamentalists about non-Christian faiths leads kids to look at look into too many other options. One such option is LaVeyan Satanism as described in The Satanic Bible. This form of Satanism could and should be called Atheistic Satanism as LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in god and use the term Satan to refer to human nature. So, LaVeyan Satanists 'worship' human nature, including, sex, anger and self pleasure. The idea being that we only live once so be as happy as you can while you can cause you won’t get another chance.

I happen to disagree with this view, but still you asked.

As for evil, the problem is that evil is a subjective term. What are you calling evil? If by evil you are referring to non-Christian points of view, then why it's so cool, is because today's children are able to reason for themselves and when a religion such as Christianity has more in common with sci-fi video games then reality, they tends to get the message that god is a myth.

If you are referring to drugs, sex (leading to teen pregnancy), alcohol and tobacco abuse, then the reason is because adults abuse these same things and even glorify them. It is politically incorrect to judges others in today's day and age, so kids feel that they can do what they like and then take the 'moral high ground' as they explain it's their life and nobody can tell them what's right or wrong and anyone that treats them poorly for their decisions is mean and evil.

Look at it this way. A few moths ago, I read an article about gasoline process. It said that although Americans complain a lot about the price of gas, Americans are traveling more and purchasing more gas guzzling vehicles then in years past. So our actions are not matching our words and thus the Oil industry is not worried about losing money by increasing the cost of fuel. In contrast, Americans weren't purchasing Play Station 3's as quickly as they had purchased Play Station 2's years ago when they had first gone to market. As a result, Sony lowered the price of the Play Station 3 to help bolster sales.

How does this apply to your question? Well, the U.S. complains about underage parenting, but continues to offer outrages support for the single teen mothers. We gripe about the number of teen smokers and although we push those that sell tobacco to kids, we don’t punish the children who smoke or their parents who permit it. We make drinking alcohol, a relatively normal part of adult life, such as big deal when the big deal should be the getting drunk aspect of drinking. We don’t enforce Drug laws nearly enough. More teenagers are afraid of getting traffic tickets then they are getting caught with marijuana. (or tobacco or alcohol) Why? Because the government MAKES money on traffic tickets, they LOOSE money on minor drug, tobacco and alcohol busts. So Law enforcement is more about MONEY then making society a better place? Okay! Great!!!

Anyway, that a few of the reasons why.

I hope this helps!

My parents won’t support my dream of becoming a writer. Please help?

My parents won't support my dream of becoming a writer. Please help?

I love writing too, I do it almost every day and I want to publish my own novels. I however went to school to be a massage therapist and didn't discover this side of me until halfway through school. I give massages to pay the bills but nearly every day I'm always on my computer continuing one of my stories.

My advice to you is just go to school for something. It doesn't have to fall into what your parents want but maybe something practical and something your at least sort of interested in. Writing is something else entirely and you don't need a degree to publish a book. There are many people who went to school totally different things and ended up writing books for a living.

All you need to do is keep writing. Find time for it and keep it up and when the time comes that you have a story you want to make into a novel submit it to publishers.

Good luck story writer.

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