Ford Mustang Day 2020 is on Friday, April 17, 2020: Ford Mustang?


Friday, April 17, 2020 is Ford Mustang Day 2020. New Ford Mustang - Ford Mustang starting at $23,180‎ Get Your New Mustang at Pacifico!

Ford Mustang Day

Ford Mustang Day commemorates of the day the Mustang was initial presented to everyone in 1964. Most new autos are launched in fall of the year labelled for the following year, so the very first Mustang was entitled a '64 1/2.

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Ford Mustang?

I would tend to agree with Gearbox1. '05-'06-'07s have all the latest technology, safety equipment, & a better 'power vs mpg' ratio. Also emissions ratings should be taken into consideration, especially if its a daily driver.

And if it is a daily driver, by all means...get the traction control!

The old classics would be nice but costly to restore, not necessarily for every day.

If you want something in between...well I would go for something after '94.

In '94 Ford went to a 'no adjust build'. That gave the Mustang more structural uniformity & quality (& consequently less squeaks & rattles, even many miles later)

I hope this helps.

Are Ford Mustang (2005 +)cars reliable?

Are Ford Mustang (2005 +)cars reliable?

Ford has some of the highest quality cars out there. Look at reviews online and you'll see Ford vehicles always rank high in quality and reliability at least since the early 2000's. Perhaps quality wasn't as good in the 80's and most of the 90's but you are interested in a 2005 current 5th generation Mustang. It's a highly rated car and holds it's value more than most others. A v6 won't beat too many cars out there but a GT definitely will and both will handle well and look good doing it. Either way, you're driving a Mustang so you already have style and class that most other cars don't have.

I'm sure your father had a bad experience with a Ford at some point in his life but one or two cars doesn't represent the entire brand especially these days. Most of Ford's lineup over the past decade has gotten outstanding reviews. All cars will necessitate repairs but it tends to depend more on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

Is a 2002 ford mustang a good first car?

Is a 2002 ford mustang a good first car?

The Ford Mustang is probably your best bet. Most reliable, simple RWD platform, sporty looking, and fun to drive.

The V6 engine for the Mustang still consumes gas more than other cars on the road -- if you get the manual 5 speed, you might be able to hit 30 miles per gallon (HWY), but it has an average of 23 miles per gallon combined with city/hwy.

The four speed automatic uses up more gas -- 25 MPG on the highway maximum.

The V8 version is not worth buying unless you don't mind filling up every other day if it's your daily driver.

Dodge Rams can have some pretty crappy transmissions and the mileage is terrible unless you get a diesel. Their 6-cylinder engines have to work significantly harder to pull the truck, so it uses up a lot of gas, whereas the V8 option uses up a lot of gas simpy because it is a bigger engine.

Eclipse is from Mitsubishi -- dying car brand. Wouldn't buy because parts and repairs might be hard to come by/expensive.

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