Bat Appreciation Day 2020 is on Friday, April 17, 2020: Romeos, Juliets, mad scientists, rock stars all come together for a Valentine's Day survey?


Friday, April 17, 2020 is Bat Appreciation Day 2020. dont eat the paste bat appreciation day box and coloring pages ... paste bat appreciation day

Bat Appreciation Day

On Bat Appreciation Day, take a moment to consider the humble bat. Bats are mystical, enigmatic creatures which are all around us, though we may not know them. Some types are as small as a thumb, and yet can flying hundreds of miles over land and sea to migrate each year. Bats browse the dark areas they reside in making use of echolocation, and they're also responsible for keeping lots of vermins at bay, featuring mosquitos.

Sadly, several bat species are encountering extinction, because of many factors, consisting of overseas wind farms and loss of their environments. On Bat Appreciation Day, why not take the time to get more information regarding this remarkable animals, and exactly how you can aid in their preservation. Numerous zoos feature a nighttime house where you can see bats up close and individual, so it's also an excellent reason for a family day out at the zoo.

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Romeos, Juliets, mad scientists, rock stars all come together for a Valentine’s Day survey?

Lol... @ the dates

I LOVE your AWESOME sense of humor Ezzi. xD

So, my date's Mercury♓Rising.. :DDDD Maaaaaannnnnnnnn... Don't I love her mustache.!!! I will take her shopping and get her accessories for her mustache.. Beads to hang from either end.. Bands to tie her mustache and etc etc.. And then I will take her bungee jumping.. Oh yea.. we will grab some snacks too on the way.. and then we will hit on some real hawt guys.. ;))

Gawd..! I hope she likes my plan..! I am fretting out here.. :PP

I have to get to work right now.. Will edit later..

EDIT: (yea.. finally)

1) What is the 1st thought that comes to you when you see all of the red and pink bonanza going on in the store?

~ ewwwwww.... I am not going in there

2) Is there a Valentine's Day card you have kept for a long time?

~ yea... few from some secret admirers.. I kept them with the hope that probably I would know who the person was some day..

3) Have you ever attended a wedding on Valentine's Day?

~ An wedding anniversary, if that counts... My grandparents were married on 14th feb, but they had no idea that it was V-day back

Oh, and I am going to attend one this V-day.. One of my exes is getting married.. :D

4) Do you find it romantic if a man proposes to his girlfriend on this day?

~ ewwwww.. no... thats tooooooooo cheesy

5) If there was an Anti-Valentine's Day movement would you take part in it?

~ As much as I don't care about this day, I'm not "anti" either.. Whatever floats others' boat man.. I don't care if others celebrate it.. Let em do whatever they like..

6) Have you ever received anything unusual on Valentine's Day?

~ Nah.. Just candies and cards...

7) Name one song that expresses very well your feelings about this holiday.

~ ummm... I can't think of any

8) Can you think of a movie where there is absolute no romance within any of the characters?

~ Oh yeah.. Actually I can.. Its a bollywood movie called "Chak de India" XDD

unless you count a breakup scene in the very beginning as romance (and the guy just had a scene of 1 minute, 2 mins tops), there was no romance what-so-ever..

9) If you can design a stuffed animal for this specific day, what would you create? (keep in mind it does NOT have to be romantic at all)

~ A bat!! xDDD

10) Men, do you feel it necessary to pay for the girl when you are on a date?

~ N/A

11) Girls, if a guy doesn't pay for you, do you feel insulted?

~ Not at all.. I prefer to split the bill equally.. But if he expects me to pay for him, then yea.. I would be disgusted.. -_-

I won’t say it isn’t, but is it really that much, or do we just fail to see it the other way round?

I won't say it isn't, but is it really that much, or do we just fail to see it the other way round?

I don't think it's all batsmen game. Based upon the track & pressure both are dominating in their own time.

➚ Batsmen dominated most of the day time by testing the patience of the bowlers. Leaving good balls, waiting for the bad ones. So most matches went to draw. No team has win percentage 50%.

➚ Bowlers dominated starting & end of the day. Especially the last day.

BQ: Aren't the bowlers of today themselves to be blamed?

Actually, we ourselves made an assertion that, when a bowler hammered with an economy of 6+, then it's batsman game. From the past to till date, the tactics has been changed. Previously the goal of a bowler to stop scoring runs & get wickets. Currently the goal of a bowler is to get wickets & stop scoring runs. Any difference ? Just priority changed.

So no need to blame current bowlers. If batsmen attacking, bowlers should apply tactics such as bowling variety of balls, change of pace etc.

Many people criticized when powerplays are introduced into limited over matches. One such comment is "Powerplays are meant for hammering the bowlers. it makes batsmen day". But actually it proven wrong. Most of wicket fell down during the powerplays(even run rate too).

☛☛ The cricket era has been changed. Increase in bowler economy doesn't meant that batsman match. We are getting results in most of the matches. Bowlers are getting wickets with expensive economy.

Greatest Yankees stadium (1923-2008) moment?

Greatest Yankees stadium (1923-2008) moment?

i won't lie to you, the yankee orioles game was amazing. and bobby murcer did read the eulogy, and i think it's amazing that he hit a 3 run home to tie the game, then hit a game winnning double to end the game.

Lou Gehrig appreciation day was also a memoriable moment. the fact that that man could stand up in front of all those people and say that he is the luckiest man on the face of the earth, while he was dying blows my mind.

babe ruth's goodbye was also memoriable. i love that he used a baseball bat as a cane. baseball forever.

another moment that i love is the 2001 series, even though we didn't win. bush throwing out the first pitch was so meaningful, and that meant alot to ny.

even though all of these were great stadium moments. my favorite has to be Yogi Berra Day. July 18th, 1999. when after yogi berra came back to the yankees. he threw the first pitch to larsen. then during the actual game, cone threw a perfect game with yogi and larsen watching. that's my favorite of all time. no doubt about it.

i love the yankees and yankee stadium, and i'll probably cry sunday night. it's the best stadium i've ever been to, and will miss the stadium and the memories i have there.

Also on this date Friday, April 17, 2020...