National Coming Out Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 11, 2018: In light of National Coming Out Day.?


Thursday, October 11, 2018 is National Coming Out Day 2018.

In light of National Coming Out Day...?

Dear Aura,

My own “Coming out” story is not… Not about coming out

I was raised in a small village west of Detroit. Unfortunately any kid trying to keep a secret, in a village of only 75 persons face a near impossible task. and everyone in town know about myself. And being raised catholic just added to the fiasco.

It wasn’t until I was my 3rd day in reception, in the US Army, standing in line to have my teeth x-rayed, That I finally realized there was no one there that know about anything about my background. And that I did in fact have the option of keeping it that way.



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Today is National Coming out Day....?

Today is National Coming out Day....?

I've told mine several times, as funny and heartwarming as it is, but I've only ever touched on my partners "coming out" story.

When she came out to her mother, her mother made her promise to never tell her father or brother. Her mother said that they wouldn't understand and wouldn't accept it. Her father is a strict concervative, right-wing-nut. (Even thought I have my suspicions that he MUST know something)

Her mother is very soft spoken and deeply faithful.

Everytime my partner goes to visit her parents, her father tries to manipulate her to stay with them. He promises her jobs, property, houses...etc.

Anyway, she does have family who live nearby. An Uncle, Aunt and two cousins. Well, she began getting involved with her Uncle's Civil War Reenactment group a couple of years ago. She would invite me to help out once in a while because I have background in costume design and such. Well her Uncle asked if I'd be willing to help out with some of his costuming also and I got a little more involved.

Anyway, they started becoming more and more close as family members and she would be invited to holiday gatherings and such. Each time she would go alone while I would go to my family's holiday celebrations. Last year it turned out that my son was out of town visiting his father's family for the holidays and my brother was out of town which left she and I alone for the holidays. Her Uncle and Aunt invited her to spend the holiday with them which she knew would leave me all alone at home. This troubled her greatly. She decided to have a "chat" with her Aunt and Uncle before the holiday came around.

She decided it was time to "come out" to them.

Well, when she did, her Uncle laughed a bellylaugh that she didn't expect.

As I recall from her recounting to me, was that he just laughed and smiled and then said something along the lines of "I knew I liked her for some reason!!" This was about me.

He then said to my partner that knowing this actually made me, her partner, more interesting as a person!

Now it's just a family joke, but her Father and brother still don't know to this day.

Even though her Uncle is her Father's brother, her Uncle has never said anything to her father, as requested by my partner's mother.

But at least I'm no longer some mooching roommate in her Uncle's eyes. And everytime her Father says that to her Uncle, he defends me and tells her Father, there's more to it than meets the eye.

What exactly is National Coming Out Day?

What exactly is National Coming Out Day?

National Coming Out Day is up to you. You can use it as an excuse to come out if you want. In my college the GLBT club sets up a door and have gay students step out of this door, symbolizing coming out of the closet.

Long answer short, you don't have to do anything on this day, but it is wise to take advantage of it.

Also on this date Thursday, October 11, 2018...