National Family Bowling Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 11, 2018: What can my family do for fun that is Inexpesive?


Thursday, October 11, 2018 is National Family Bowling Day 2018. Yes, we are crazy... but a happy crazy: National Family Bowling Day National Family Bowling Day

What can my family do for fun that is Inexpesive?

Go to some of the state and national parks in your area and do a little hiking and fishing. Always cheap and fun. There are other activities that the parks offer, take a lunch and spend a day on the playgrounds, enjoy the trails and the wildlife. Maybe do a family field day and take play some games like a 3 legged race.

Have family movie night, make some popcorn or pizza and watch a movie together. Each week a new person gets to pick.

Have family game night, play board or card games. Have some snacks, again a new person gets to pick each week.

There are some other inexpensive things you can do in the area here are some suggestions:

Camping is always cheap maybe your family can do that one weekend. Go real cheap the site usually only costs like $15 and you take chips and sandwiches. Camping is always fun!

Check out the Great Plains Wildlife Center, they have tons of free or cheap programs that focus on wildlife, this place is very cool! They have all kinds of trails and they even have an aquarium.

Great Plains Nature Center

Phone: 316-683-5499

6232 East 29th Street North

What about going to the Exploration Place.....also known as the science center. They have pretty cheap prices and it really is a lot of fun. Bring your lunch and eat outside.

The Great Plains Transportation Museum is really cheap and it is a lot of fun. They have some really cool things here! If you have never been you are in for a treat!

The Kansas Aviation Museum is also cheap and fun for the whole family! They have tons of hands on stuff and a great display of planes!

Go to the Lake Afton Observatory and look at some stars for an evening. This telescope is amazing and they have some really good programs. Admission is like $3.00 a person and you get hours of fun and get to see some pretty cool things!

The Mid-America All Indian Center use to be free, they have a wonderful museum full of cool things. They also have Pow Wow's there which are really cool to see. They have really cheap admission like $2.00 and sometimes if you bring a can of food it is free check out this site for more:

The Kansas Firefighters Museum is way cool! There is tons of stuff to see here and admission is $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for students. Very cheap and tons of fun!

Visit Old Cowtown Museum, this place is just like the wild west used to be. Admission for adults is $7.00 and kids are $5.00 there is tons of stuff to see here and they do reenactments all the time. You never know when a gun battle is going to break out!

Go Bowling! Bowling is really cheap and it is tons of fun there are several bowling allies in your area:

Joma Bowling Co.

Phone: 316-636-9494

3200 N. Rock Rd.

Wichita, KS 67226

North Rock Lanes

Phone: 316-636-5444

3232 N. Rock Rd.

Wichita, KS 67226

Seneca Bowl, Inc.

Phone: 316-267-7301

1909 S Seneca St

Wichita, KS 67213

The Alley

Phone: 316-618-1000

11314 E 13th St

Wichita, KS 67206

West Acres Bowl

Phone: 316-722-5211

749 N. Ridge Rd.

Wichita, KS 67212

Go Ice skating it is cheap like $3.00 a person and always fun for the whole family. Skate rentals are like a $1.50 and you guys will have so much fun! Be sure to dress warm!

Go pumpkin picking, yep it is that time of year. There are tons of farms in the area spend a day and go pick a pumpkin. The pumpkin patches are usually cheaper than the grocery store and it is a lot of fun! Some of them even have corn mazes which are always fun! Check out these sites for more info:

I know you live there but I would also contact the Wichita Visitors Center and ask them for the FREE visitor’s packet. It has tons of info and COUPONS which save a ton of money! Also check out the websites for the places you want to go, a lot of times they will have discount admissions and or free days that it is open. Never hurts to look!

I would also check out the visitors website for upcoming events, a lot of times there are festivals, or events that cost little or no money and provide hours of fun!

Well I hope this helps you, with a little bit of research and imagination you can find things for your family to do with little or no money. There are tons of things out there! Good Luck!

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How is national portfolio day?

How is national portfolio day?

I was there on Saturday with my daughter.

Everyone is very nice, you should not get too worked up about being critiqued. The colleges go to these events because they are trying to attract students. They'll be polite, even if they think your portfolio needs more work to be considered for admission.

But, here's an important tip: art school is nothing but critiques! I went to art school, that is what you do there. If the idea of having your work scrutinized and criticized terrifies you, you must either get over it, or find another career path. That is the business. And while art school can be tough, the real world is brutal.

So, you really should go. Just push through your nervousness about being critiqued, and do it. It will be good for you. You need to hear from someone outside of your family or highschool, this is a great way to do that.

I can tell you that what I heard (overheard) over and over again is "you need to do more drawing from life" -- young people (my daughter included) tend to "illustrate" - they get very into manga and animation and develop characters... rather than draw a bowl of fruit or a person sitting in a chair. You've got to draw from real life, put the computer and printed material away -- pick up your sketchbook and go outside (or inside, if it's cold) and just draw anything you can everywhere you can. Do it a lot and you'll (eventually) stand out from the crowd.

And, in answer to "what was it like" - crowded is a good word. There are a lot of people wanting to go to art schools. A huge line of kids at CalArts wanting to work on movies. Many kids with "urban" or "street art" sensibilities, hoping to be the next Banksy.

I'd say the most frightening aspect of going to portfolio day is discovering that you're not all that original or different once you're in a room full of other people with the same desires and interests. And no matter how good you think you are... there is a very good chance you'll see someone who's better than you. That's life too.

Portfolio day is a great experience, and you should take it all in.

where can i take my family and enjoy a day in the snow near los angeles?

where can i take my family and enjoy a day in the snow near los angeles?

Take the drive out to Big Bear Lake, CA. It's in the heart of San Bernandido National Forest - there are two major ski resorts with smaller resorts for tubing nearby accompanied by a city with plenty of knick knack shopping as well as small town like lodging, log cabin style, bars, restaurants, bowling, the whole 9. it's a perfect weekend trip or in your case, one day, being only about a 2 hour drive from santa monica. I just did a day there recently. Currently, they don't have the ice skating rink populated yet but it looked like there were working on it soon but either way, it's still a blast.

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