Kids Bowl Free Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 11, 2018: how to engage kids during holidays?


Thursday, October 11, 2018 is Kids Bowl Free Day 2018. Kids Bowl Free Summer Bowling Pass! Visit to sign

how to engage kids during holidays?

Wow! Kids have vacation and running out of ideas of things to do!? Well alot of factors depend on the possibilties, such as thier ages, if you work, what holiday ect.

But for names sake we'll say summer holidays, and that you work and they are between 6 and 11.

Great summer ideas to get the kids out of the house could be a water balloon day, kite flying, frisbee, art projects, swimming. If you don't work or have a free weekend, throw a kids summer party- your childen will have fun for the week planning. They can make their own freezy flavor pops, cut up fruit and play games in the yard like Coco-nut bowling using a coconut and some painted plastic coke bottles (if you don't mind to have a few parents over for tea and a little extra noise in the background. Or the kids could cook (sometimes you can find a child cooking course) and they can make simple things such as a pizza- or a small picknick and let them go off for their own little picknick.

Summer sports are always great to get the kids of the couch. Fishing, is oddly one of those things that people forget about, but kids of all ages no matter what sex tend to really enjoy it once they get out there (I always caught my hook on my brothers hand)

One of my favorites is Art projects (all children are naturally artistically inclined even though many of them get down when they see other children who they think are better artist than them). Have some spare cash and a little yard space? By some wood and help assemble a little fort house. The kids will have a blast decorating and painting their new club house! Children also tend to be great at mosaics and proud of the beautiful things they make! Gardening is another one of those things kids really begin to like once they get into it and why not but that newly moasic pot you just got into the mix?

Trips to museums, such as science museums and art ones can be fun and educational for the whole family! The list could go on depending on age and how much you want to keep them engaged. I used to be a supper nanny as well as a teacher- and I grew up in a very poor home. If you tell the kids to get off the couch and no tv until 6pm, they'll go out side and manage to be creative- it's what their minds are meant to do. Everything from turning a bike upside down and pushing the pedals with their hands playing pretend to swinging and spending time with friends is natural and healthy. While watching cartoons and playing video games non stop becomes a bit of a soul sucker. They might complain at first, but those things are a de-motivator to doing other more creative healthy physical activities. So use your imagination, keep it fun, and set the basic under score of some ideas for things for the kids to do and the rest will come naturally!

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Kids Bowl Free - Have you done it? - 2 free games every day this summer!?

Kids Bowl Free - Have you done it? - 2 free games every day this summer!?

naw im good

where can i find amf bowling coupons?

where can i find amf bowling coupons?

Kids get two free games a day, all summer....

-just pay for shoes

add a family pack for $25.00? which allows other family to bowl with the kids pretty cheap

check here if your center is on the list:

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