Universal Music Day 2018 is on Thursday, October 11, 2018: pop music, film or tv- which of these mediums are you currently disliking and why?


Thursday, October 11, 2018 is Universal Music Day 2018. Universal Music Day Universal Music Day

Universal Music Day

Music is a big a part of our cultures, communities, psychology and each day existence. Have a day to savor music in most of their varied forms, and revel in Music Day by discussing your favourite music with buddies, co-workers and families. Why don't you have music of your?

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pop music, film or tv- which of these mediums are you currently disliking and why?

Being born in the early 50s, I too feel the music of 45, 30 and 20 years ago had a much higher quality than most of today's music.

I still know the lyrics to almost every single hit-song from those days.

But then again, we lived in an age where suddenly two whole new types of music emerged, you either had Beatmusic or Rockmusic. (and often it was so that if you loved Beat-music, also called popmusic, it wasn't done to like rockmuscic, and vice versa, LOL)

What I'm trying to say is that, during the 60s and 70s, we mainly only had those two types of music, and luckily we loved it all. (well, and of course we had the Motown-music, loved it all too!)

And then in the late 70s, early 80s, new types of music emerged, and in such a fast pace, I honestly tell you, I couldn't keep up with it, and rather stuck to the music I loved so much. (i.e. I still don't know the precise differences between heavy metal, hair metal, punk, punkrock, New Wave, too many to mention)

I remember disco music was the only music almost everyone embraced and loved, whatever the year they were born in.

But with the other styles of music you got the forming of many groups, many of which had their own style of clothing, hairdo and stuff like that. (we did too in the 60 and 70s, but for quite a while there wasn't too big a difference between beat or rock lovers)

I agree 100 procent with you that in those days it all was about making as good music as one could, if it became a hit, that was great of course, but most artists tried to be as original as possibble, within the then given music-styles. (all in my humble opinion, of course)

Nowadays it often seems to me the big companies put a few people together, see if it clicks, and then produce as many hitsingles as possible, to keep the big money rolling in.

Mind you, by no means am I saying there isn't any good music today anymore, I still like quite a few artists/groups, it's just that I don't like every music-style around anymore. I don't consider myself to be oldfashioned, but maybe i need to rethink that, LOL....I don't understand how it can be Rap-music has such a huge fan-base, which of course is my "problem".

Okay, so far your music-part of the question. (BTW, I haven't forgoteen music-styles like country, Jazz, Blues and such, but they, to me seem universal)

As for TV, I couldn't agree more with you, it DOES seem to me that reality-TV shows are growing way out of control....often I think that, having seen one show, you've seen them all, know what I mean?

It is totally beyond me (my problem again, of course) how it can be that people who were in ONE reality show, can become instant "Stars", what happened to the REAL Stars, the people who actually achieved something big over the years, in the opinion of many people world-wide?

Mind you, there are still quite a few good, or even great TV-shows to watch, luckily it's not all "bad". (I absolutely love most of the British drama-series, IMHO they've got so many talented script-writers and actors/actresses over there)

As for films, I haven't been to the cinama since the early 80s, so I can't give an honest opinion about that catogery.

What I would like to hear or see less? I think the answer is included in what I wrote already. And NO, I wasn't chatting, just giving my opinion, and explain why I have those opinions, as the questioner asked us to do)



Here's all the music that's played on Shrek the Third:


Written by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Michael DeRosier & Roger Fisher

Performed by Stacy Ferguson (as Fergie)

Produced by Will i Am (as will.i.am)

Fergie appears courtesy of will.i.am Music, Inc./A&M Records

"Live and Let Die"

Written by Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney

Performed by Denny Laine

Courtesy of MPL Communications, Inc.

"Immigrant Song"

Written by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

Performed by Led Zeppelin

Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp.

By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"9 Crimes"

Written by Damien Rice

Performed by Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan

Under license to Vector Recordings, LLC/Warner Bros. Records Inc. & 14th Floor Records

By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing and Warner Strategic Marketing UK

"Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?"

Written by Dee Dee Ramone (as Douglas Colvin), Johnny Ramone (as John Cummings) & Joey Ramone (as Jeff Hyman)

Performed by Ramones

Courtesy of Sire Records

By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

"Joker & The Thief"

Written by Myles Heskett, Chris Ross & Andrew Stockdale

Performed by Wolfmother

Courtesy of Modular Recordings/Universal Music Australia Pty Limited

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Cat's in the Cradle"

Written by Harry Chapin & Sandy Chapin

"Happy Birthday to You"

Written by Mildred J. Hill (as Mildred Hill) & Patty S. Hill (as Patty Hill)

"Good Morning"

Written by Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown (as Nacio Brown)

"Royal Pain"

Written by Mark Everett (as E)

Performed by The Eels (as eels)

Produced by Mark Everett (as Mark Oliver Everett)

eels appear courtesy of Vagrant Records

"I've Never Been to Me"

Written by Ken Hirsch & Ronald Miller

Performed by Nancy Wilson

"Pomp and Circumstance"

Written by Sir Edward Elgar

"All Star"

Written by Greg Camp

Performed by John Burroughs High School Marching Band

Paul Vesilind, Instrumental Music Director

"The Wedding March"

Written by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (as Felix Mendelssohn)

"Theme from Six Million Dollar Man"

Written by Oliver Nelson

Courtesy of Universal Studios

"On the Good Ship Lollipop"

Written by Sidney Clare & Richard A. Whiting (as Richard Whiting)


Written by Marvin Hamlisch & Ed Kleban (as Edward Kleban)

"That's What Friends Are For"

Written by Burt Bacharach & Carole Bayer Sager

"My Favorite Things"

Written by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II

"Little Birdy"

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire & Jeanine Tesori

"Losing Streak"

Written by Mark Everett (as E)

Performed by The Eels (as eels)

Courtesy of Vagrant Records

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Final Showdown"

Written by David Lindsay-Abaire, Walt Dohrn & Jeanine Tesori

"Danse Macabre"

Written by Camille Saint-Saƫns

"What I Gotta Do"

Written by Natalie Hinds, Joshua Lopez, Jeremy Ruzumna, Jason Villaroman & Caleb Speir

Performed by Macy Gray

Courtesy of will.i.am Music, Inc./Geffen Records

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Thank You (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Again)"

Written by Sly Stone (as Sylvester Stewart)

Performed by Eddie Murphy & Antonio Banderas

Produced by The Underdogs

"Other Ways"

Written & Performed by Trevor Hall

Courtesy of Geffen Records

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

"Best Days"

Written & Performed by Matt White

Courtesy of Geffen Records

Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

Just look up the corresponding YouTube video for the song to see if that's the song you're looking for. If I knew what the song sounded like I'd look it up for you.

Good luck!

I have pre-ordered from Universal Music Store. Back ordered?

I have pre-ordered from Universal Music Store. Back ordered?

I have pre-ordered as well, AND have asked the same question! Its fine! lol Basically, because the place hasn't received them yet (as they don't come out until may 10th, so they will get them a few days before, therefore we will get them on may 10th :) ) that they put the status as "back ordered" until they have actually received the 250 USB's lol :L

Also on this date Thursday, October 11, 2018...