Bay to Breakers Race Day 2018 is on Friday, May 18, 2018: The Northeast Division race and a great year to be a Leafs fan?


Friday, May 18, 2018 is Bay to Breakers Race Day 2018. My wonderful Bay to Breakers Centennial race day... ~ Jason in ... 100th Bay to Breakers runners

The Northeast Division race and a great year to be a Leafs fan?

Tyler's answer is a little confused. If Toronto wins out they will finish with 61 points. If Toronto wins that last game with Montreal in regulation Montreal can get be no better than 61 points. Toronto has the first tie breaker. So they open in Toronto, regardless of what Boston does. If Boston only takes two points in their last three games they will have 61 points. Again Toronto holds the first tie breaker ROW wins.

But here is the kicker, Toronto finishes in second and faces Ottawa in the first round, Islanders beat Washington in the 3-6 face off. Montreal and Boston have their usual massacre. So second round Isles > Pens and Toronto > Montreal. Do I hear a parade forming on Bay Street.

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What are some things i need to know before travelling to Dubai?

What are some things i need to know before travelling to Dubai?

Desert Safaris

Trips to the desert in groups can be a great way to explore the desert and also know other people and find out a little bit more about the Arabic culture. Safaris are generally half day and can include an overnight stay in one of the Bedouin tents.

1. Wadi-Driving - This is a popular pastime with both residents and visitors. This involves exploring the wadis or dry beds of streams that flow after winter rains from the Hajar mountains.

2. Dune driving - Driving in sand can be a thrilling experience by itself and this combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the challenge of remaining mobile on the shifting surface. Courses in sand driving are available, with four-wheel-drive vehicles provided, along with expert instruction.

3. Sand-Skiing - Those with a penchant for speed, a head for heights and enthusiasm for an unusual sport will enjoy sand-skiing down the dunes of the Dubai desert.

4. Desert Feasts - Safaris are made more pleasurable by culminating into an evening with spectacular sunset views followed by a traditional Arab barbecue under the stars. You can even tailor your evening to your need and round it off with some great Arabic music and belly dancing, the smoking of hubble-bubble pipes and often a display of falconry.


Straight from the streets of London to the highways and byways of Dubai, these highly visual, vintage double-decker buses provide fun for everyone whatever the occasion. With lots of unique activities for all ages, Dubai’s only red double-decker buses provide an exclusive party venue, an eye-catching promotional media, or just a fun way to add interest to a corporate or public event.


Entertainment Parks

Wild Wadi - Imagine 12 acres of desert filled with 30 million liters of water and solely dedicated to having fun. That is Wild Wadi. There are 23 rides to entertain and excite every member of the family and in Dubai, this place has been more than just a shelter for those wanting to escape the heat of the desert. Adrenaline seekers will love Jumeirah Sceirah - a 33-meter high slide with steep angles to propel riders up to 80km per hour. There is also Breakers Bay, which has a wave machine creating 1.5-meter waves all day.

Contact Details: Wild Wadi Water Park

Phone: 04 3484444


Wonderland - The 18 hectare Wonderland family fun park features a wide range of water attractions including speed slides, surf hills, wave runners and a Caribbean cruise. It is closed on Sundays and Wednesdays are for Ladies Only. Thursdays are for Families Only.

Contact details: Wonderland

Tel: 04 3241222

Magic Planet - Housed in the giant Deira City Centre shopping mall, this children's entertainment centre is a unique indoor site with 10 pin bowling, a crawling bungie jungle, variety of electronic games and a mini pitch and putt.


Go Karting - Dubai has the Middle East's first fully-equipped 40,000 sq. ft of air-conditioned indoor go-kart facility at Formula One. Outdoors, an active go-karting fraternity races regularly at the track beside the Jebel Ali Hotel. Visitors can enjoy this sport during the months of Oct-May.

Contact details: Emirates Kart Centre

Tel: 04 28271111

Horse Riding - The sport of kings has rapidly become Dubai's most popular spectator event, attracting crowds of more than 15,000. Race meetings are held weekly during the cooler months at one of the UAE's four racecourses. Dubai Racing Club, at Naad Al Sheba, the country's largest and most spectacular track and home to the Dubai World Cup the sport's richest race also holds meetings at right under floodlights. Horse riding is part of the local tradition and is upheld today by several active centres including the Dubai Equestrian Centre and Jebel Ali Hotel Riding Stables. Rides through the desert are organized regularly. Dubai has a riding association for the disabled.

Contact details: Zabeel stables

Tel: 04 3366321

Thunder Bowl - Thunder Bowl is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and its concept is based on similar centers in America and Europe, which have proved very popular.

Thunder Bowl has successfully incorporated the traditional game of bowling, with state of the art technology from the Brunswick Corporations, USA. To further enhance its appeal, Thunder Bowl also offers its customers a complete leisure entertainment package, which includes: 20 state of the art bowling lanes by Brunswick Corporation, Pool & Snooker Hall, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Parlor, A & W Burger Restaurant, Pizza Inn, Allewan Restaurant & Cafe - Arabic Restaurant, Bowling Pro Shop, Network/ Cyber Games Cafe and Video Games Arcade.

Located in the former Safestway Supermarket, on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Defense Round About, Thunder Bowl allows easy access to its customer with ample car parking for over 300 cars.

Contact details: Thunderbowl

Tel: 04 3431000

Galleria Ice Rink - The rink offers all the thrills and chills of ice skating, and professional ice skaters are available for private tuition. You can call: 971 4 209 6551 to make a reservation. The team will also take enquiries for cool kids' parties, which can be organized for a maximum of 15 children.

Contact details: Galleria Ice Rink

Tel: 04 2096550

Click here to know more about the rink.

Fishing - The Gulf is rich in marine life, and fishing was once a mainstay of the local economy. Kingfish, jackfish, red snapper, rock cod (the popular Hamour on most Dubai menus), barracuda and other species are caught commercially and not for sport. Sailfish and bottom-feeding sharks are regularly landed by visiting fishermen who can hire fully-equipped boats, with crew, for deep-sea fishing trips.

Contact details: Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Tel: 04 2956440


I really hope this helps you - have a good holiday !!!

Im running my first 12k!! (: I need advice?

Im running my first 12k!! (: I need advice?

12K is about 7 miles or so, and if you can run six miles in an hour, then put yourself in the 10 minute bracket. If you can do it faster, then go in a faster bracket; if not, then go in 10. You sound reasonably fit and young, so go for 10 or 8 bracket. 12 is fairly slow, really a jog.

If you haven't run longer than 3 miles regularly, work on upping your distance first at a steady pace (just run the distance some days at whatever pace, and some days try to set a 'race pace' and see what it is), then if you have time, work on your speed by running short intervals (about a quarter mile) at your fastest speed, then resting for 30 seconds to a minute, then repeating.

Your existing training of 3-4 times a week of regular runs with intervals sounds fine. I think you will enjoy the 12K.

Get to know the course... if there are lots of hills, then get in some hill training.

You will do fine... remember the best race is the one you finish. Enjoy!

Also on this date Friday, May 18, 2018...